Aberdeen Centre Food Court: Chicken Wings at Wo Fung

I can’t resist fried chicken wings, especially when I see order after order being served to customers that looked like they couldn’t wait to dig their teeth into them . I stood practically frozen for a good ten minutes watching nothing but pipping hot deep fried chicken wings coming out of the kitchen of Wo Fung. I had just finished having a filling meal with two large cups of iced milk tea and some bubble waffle, but the wings just looked too enticing for me to pass up.

Since neither my wife, daughter, nor son had any appetite left for the wings, I ordered the smallest portion size offered: three wings.

Three wings from Wo Fung probably equals seven or eight wings at your local sports bar. When they say one wing, they mean one WHOLE wing, with the drumette, wingette, and funky end piece intact. I know I mentioned it, but let me reiterate that the wings came out of the kitchen PIPPING HOT. Smoke was coming out of my first wing as I was biting into it. The skin was thinly breaded with a little flour, some salt, and most likely a dusting of MSG. It had a very enjoyable flavour that was somewhere in the umami-verse between salty and sweet. Not only was the skin flavorful, it was full of crispy-crunchiness. I could head a distinct and audible crunch as the skin and breading crumbled to the bite of my teeth. Once the skin was breached, smoke was once again released by the heat of the meat. The meat was tender and full of natural chicken juices. Their tender texture were a delicious counterpoint to the crispy-crunchy skin. The wings were so tasty that I totally forgot that I had just finished having a filling meal.

Let me remind you again that I like deep fried chicken wings A LOT. Because of this, I often over-exaggerate how good a particular well-made version of chicken wing is. There is no denying that I thought that the wings I ordered from Wo Fung were the s*$t while I was having them. But in retrospect they tasted no better than most versions of well-made wings I’ve had at other local restaurants, food court stalls, pubs, and bars. The wings were good; they weren’t exceptional.

Wo Fung Noodle Express 和豐車仔麵 on Urbanspoon

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