Satisfying? Yes. Amazing? No.

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro – I think I’ve been spoiled by the numerous amazing bahn mi’s that I’ve had in the Veitnamese-expat-heavy cities that I have lived in during the past decade. The combination of the French baguette and French pate, Vietnamese pickled vegetables, cilantro, and chilies, Asian/European cold cuts, animal fat, and (sometimes) fried eggs creates such an amazing synergy that is nothing less than amazing. Compared with better versions of bahn mi that I’ve had, most other baguette-based sandwiches (including ones I’ve had in France) seemed lacking. So even though I’ve read and heard rave reviews about the … Continue reading Satisfying? Yes. Amazing? No.

Fairly Good, But I’ll Go Broke If I Become A Regular

Hoi Tong – I would’ve never thought that a typical Chinese dinner (for two adults and two children) comprising of typical dishes involving non-exotic ingredients in a restaurant barely larger than a typical hole-in-the-wall joint and located in an nondescript strip mall in Richmond would cost me $170 after taxes and tips. There were no bowls of shark’s fins soup, no abalone, no fish maws, no lobster, no crab, no prawns, and not even a scallop in any of our dishes. What we had were two meat dishes, one veggie, one fried rice, and one soup. The soup alone costs … Continue reading Fairly Good, But I’ll Go Broke If I Become A Regular

Food Trucks: Mr. Shawarma

Mr. Shawarma – I drive through Robson on an almost daily basis, and shutting off the section between Hornby and Howe down to vehicular traffic has been more than a bit annoying to me. It may seem minor, but the minutes of extra driving due to the detour adds up quickly. And what did they shut it down for? As far as I can tell, they shut it down for Mr. Shawarma. Other than pedestrians, the Mr. Shawarma food cart/truck/trailer seems to be the only thing standing between my car and a right turn on Robson to Howe. The shawarma … Continue reading Food Trucks: Mr. Shawarma

Osaka: Instant Ramen Museum

Although it is not one of the “major” museums or tourist attractions of Osaka, my wife and I decided to make a trip out to one of the outlying suburbs of the city to visit The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum on our most recent trip to Osaka. Instant noodles were one of those supposed “unhealthy” foods frowned upon by our Taiwanese parents while both my wife and I were growing up, so naturally it was the one type of food that we would never give up an opportunity to consume whenever we got a chance to. In addition, the … Continue reading Osaka: Instant Ramen Museum

Food Trucks: Guanaco (my first Salvadorian experience)

Guanaco – El Salvador: a Central American¬†country and culture that is completely foreign to me. The thought of trying Salvadorian food wouldn’t even have crossed my mind if I had not been offered a sample of an entire pupusa while walking by the Guanaco food truck the other day. I was really grateful for full-sized sample, but I was really too full to purchase another one of their pupusas at that very moment. I thanked them profusely for the sample and promised to go back as soon as possible for a proper order of their pupusa. Two days later I … Continue reading Food Trucks: Guanaco (my first Salvadorian experience)

Food Trucks: Tacofino (the right kind of fusion)

Tacofino – With such a thriving local food truck (cart) scene, I kinda feel bad for not trying more of them out. I think I’ve only ever tried food from one local food truck (not taking into account the ubiquitous Japadog)¬†-Ursu – and I don’t even think it is in operation anymore. In an effort to delve deeper into the local food scene, I’m going to at least try out one of them a week. I started with Tacofino, whose truck on Howe just so happened to be in its last two days of operations when I visited it last … Continue reading Food Trucks: Tacofino (the right kind of fusion)

Not A Sea Lover

C-Lover’s Fish and Chips – Fish and chips: not something that I eat often. Even though I’ve hardly ever met a deep fried item that I don’t agree with, fish is the one thing that I think is better when it is not deep fried. First and foremost, I like to eat raw fish; preferably with some rice below it. If it’s not served raw, then I need it to be steamed – with scallions and soy sauce; some ginger would be nice too. Deep fried fish? I’ll only eat it if it’s absolutely necessary; if there’s no better choice. … Continue reading Not A Sea Lover