Tokyo: Shiseido Salon De Cafe

Sad as it may be, I have to face the facts. The fact is that my two-sentence post two days ago – by far my most word-economical – has become my most “liked” post. Ever. It appears that people would much rather read my silence than my babble. So I’m going to give it to you one more time. …I’ll just say this: Every single item tasted better than it looked, and every piece looked stunningly gorgeous. …And this: Surprisingly, the best-tasting thing was the mango parfait. My daughter said that it was the most tasty mango-based food item that … Continue reading Tokyo: Shiseido Salon De Cafe

Macau: Egg Tarts from Lord Stow’s Bakery

I’m sure no one would disagree with me when I say that Lord Stow’s Bakery is the most famous egg tart producer in all of Macau. There might be some debate as to whether it produces the best Portuguese-style egg tarts, but there is no debate that it is the most famous, and by far the most popular Portuguese egg tart purveyor. I would put good money on the claim 90% of all visitors to Macau have had Lord Stow’s egg tarts. Hell, I’ve had them long before my first visit to Macau. Before there were direct flights from Taiwan … Continue reading Macau: Egg Tarts from Lord Stow’s Bakery

Pavlova: Sweet Carrie’s Dessert Shop

I’ve never had a pavlova before I moved to Vancouver. Apparently, it is an Australian dessert named after a Russian ballerina. Interesting. My first experience with the pavlova was a chance encounter with the one offered at Sweet Carrie’s. After that first experience with Sweet Carrie’s pavlova, I became a regular at the dessert shop. Whenever I needed a light yet satisfying flour-less dessert, I make my way out to the Lonsdale Quay Marketplace for Sweet Carrie’s pavlova. I like the pavlova for its crunchy and powdery outer edge. I like the pavolova for its airy, bubbly, almost-but-not-quite-foamy insides. I … Continue reading Pavlova: Sweet Carrie’s Dessert Shop

Taiwanese Pastries: Sun Cakes from New Tai Yang Bakery

Sun cakes are rather simple pastries that also happen to be uniquely Taiwanese. To be more precise, sun cakes are indigenous to Taichung, whose name literally means the ‘center/middle of Taiwan’. Whenever anyone returns from a visit to Taichung, or from passing through Taichung, they always bring back a case of sun cakes. More often than not, the sun cakes come from the Tai Yang Bakery. The news that Tai Yang Bakery was closing its doors for good last year made headlines across television news channels, print media, and local news sites in Taiwan. It signified the end of an … Continue reading Taiwanese Pastries: Sun Cakes from New Tai Yang Bakery

HK-Style Pastries: New Town Bakery

New Town Bakery has been on my radar ever since my king crab meal at Excelsior a few weeks ago. During our meal there, my wife and I kept seeing this lady walking in and out of the restaurant with a bag from New Town Bakery. The words printed on the plastic bag indicated that one of New Town Bakery’s specialties was ‘lo po bang’ (wife cake). Since lo po bang is similar to our of our favorite Taiwanese pastries – the sun cake – we decided that we had to check out the bakery’s offerings immediately after our meal. We … Continue reading HK-Style Pastries: New Town Bakery

Bubble Tea in West Van: Bubble Tree Cafe (cafe bubble tree)

There are a few places that serve bubble tea in West Vancouver – a juice stall in the Park Royal Mall, Chef Hung, and a fish n’ chips shop called Pisces – but I can’t say that I know of any bubble tea cafes in the area before I found out about Bubble Tree Cafe. From the exterior, it looked Bubble Tree Cafe was a straightforward bubble tea place that also served smoothies and coffee to lure in bubble-tea-unaware newbies. The inside of the cafe revealed something else entirely. Its hard to tell from the above photograph, but Bubble Tree … Continue reading Bubble Tea in West Van: Bubble Tree Cafe (cafe bubble tree)

A Belgian Treat After A Korean Feast

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar – Even though I drive by the stretch of Robson where Nero Belgian Waffle Bar is located on a daily basis, I did not notice its existence until my meal at Jang Mo Jib a few doors down recently. I was actually on my way to the McDees next door for an ice cream cone after lunch at Jang Mo Jib when I noticed this tiny hole-in-the-wall of a waffle bar. Since I was going to get dessert anyways, I decided to get a waffle for my dessert instead of an ice cream cone. I didn’t … Continue reading A Belgian Treat After A Korean Feast