Have We Been Here? Stepho’s on Robson

“Is this Greek place new?” “…ahhmmm…I think it’s always been here.” “Then what’s with the ‘Now Open’ sign?” “To attract new customers?” “Really? Look at the lineup.” “Woah, I don’t recall ever seeing a lineup here before.” “Let’s try it.” “You sure you want Greek? You don’t like Greek. You don’t have to try it for my sake…” “I suggested it.” “True.” We walk in. We are told that there is a fifteen minute wait. We wait 15 seconds. We are led to a two-top. We are surrounded young, obviously foreign men and women. We look at the menu. The … Continue reading Have We Been Here? Stepho’s on Robson

Fast Food Prices + Restaurant Quality Food

Stephos – I usually draw blanks when thinking about places to go for Monday lunch. More often than not, I eat too much and exercise too little on the weekends. My body’s natural reaction on Monday is to instruct my brain that it should burn off calories instead of piling them on. Today was no different. Try as I might, my brain was totally unable to process a mental search for restaurants. I also tried searching online, but I wasn’t able to coerce myself to type in the words “urbanspoon” or  “yelp” in the browser. I knew that fighting my … Continue reading Fast Food Prices + Restaurant Quality Food