Homemade Porchetta Redux

After my not-so-successful attempt at making homemade porchetta sandwiches a few days ago,  I felt that I had to have a second go at it to see if I could improve upon the results of my first attempt with the lessons I learned from it. My plan was to switch up both the bread and the roast pork to versions that I speculated would make better components for a tasty porchetta sandwich. The roast pork that I used last time, though very tasty, was too lean and too dry. I decided that I would get a more tender cut this … Continue reading Homemade Porchetta Redux

Homemade Porchetta Sandwich

I’m not much of a cook. My culinary claim to fame is the backyard BBQ grilled steak, which involves nothing more than putting the steaks on the grill, waiting a few minutes, flipping the steaks, waiting a few more minutes, and taking them off the grill. For me to attempt at making any food item, the item itself must come with detailed instructions that I could follow to a ‘T’, or it must be so easy to make that even my three-year-old son would have no trouble making it. The porchetta sandwich looked like an easy-enough item that even I … Continue reading Homemade Porchetta Sandwich