Gourmet Brunch Poutine: Edible Canada At The Market

I’ve always thought that a poutine topped with fried eggs would make for a tasty and satisfying breakfast. Fried potatoes, gravy, cheese curds, and eggs seem like the perfect combination for a hearty, heavy-on-carbs-but-light-on-meat breakfast. I know that poutine specialty places like La Belle Patate do offer breakfast poutines, and I have seen poutines offered in a few of the local breakfast/brunch places that I have visited, but it is more of a rare find than a menu staple. Normally, if I find poutine offered as a breakfast item, it is usually on the weekend brunch menu at “gourmet” places like Edible … Continue reading Gourmet Brunch Poutine: Edible Canada At The Market

Poutine Contender: Fritz European Fry House

If you follow my dining habits with some regularity, you have probably noticed that I have a tendency to try the same food item from different restaurants within a short period of time. For the past few months it has been chirashi, and I have several chirashi experiences in my backlog of posts that I have yet to complete. Within the same time span, I have somehow gotten into the habit of ordering poutine instead of fries whenever  both are presented as options at restaurants. Taking that a step further, I have recently started to seek out places that feature … Continue reading Poutine Contender: Fritz European Fry House

Good Poutine: La Belle Patate

I like poutine, but I’m no connoisseur.  I’m more of a poutine neophyte. I have no problems ordering poutine from fast food chains, and I’m perfectly satisfied with the version served at the food service counter at Costco. I can even make a meal of an order of poutine from New York Fries. As a novice who has not really experienced the “real thing”, I’m always looking for something that comes close to what poutine experts consider authentic. Unfortunately I do not personally know any of those poutine experts, but the “experts” online seem to think that La Belle Patate … Continue reading Good Poutine: La Belle Patate

The Great Canadian Burger

Harvey’s – (Note: This post was written prior to my “reboot”.) Okay, I might be (grossly) overstating it in the title of this post. But Harvey’s was the ONE burger that my wife missed during our eleven years away from the country. She missed how she could customize the accompaniments and condiments of a Harvey’s burger just like a Subway sub. Although I didn’t particularly miss their burgers, I did miss being able to choose between their burgers or Church’s fried chicken at their locations in the GTA (during the 90’s…I have not been back recently so I don’t know … Continue reading The Great Canadian Burger

A Great Experience Without The Need For Great Food

Oru – How can you complain about a meal at a nice restaurant in one of the more exclusive hotels in the city? You can’t. It was sunny, and the second floor restaurant had wraparound wall-to-ceiling windows that allowed bright, warm sunlight to penetrate through them without allowing any of the frigid outside air to seep in. The windows –  besides allowing us patrons of the restaurant a chance to bask/bake in the heat of the sun’s (ultraviolet) rays – also provided us with a great view of Canada Place, the Burrard inlet, and the north shore mountains. The white/white … Continue reading A Great Experience Without The Need For Great Food

North American Food with North American Portions

After spending around eight weeks constantly going hungry between meals as a result of the tiny local portion sizes in Taiwan (and Japan), I was really looking forward to the larger, more satisfying portion sizes of North America.  Strangely, after such a short time away, I was also really missing North American food. Since Earls is the go-to restaurant serving North American style food for my wife, kids, and I, we decided to make it the first non-breakfast restaurant (the time difference basically made breakfast places and 24-hour joints our only options for meals in the middle of the night) … Continue reading North American Food with North American Portions

Bad Poutine, Good Albacore, and Average Everything Else

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro- I only know of the existence of The Oakwood Canadian Bistro because I happened upon its review while going through the food section of The Globe and Mail’s website. The review made the restaurant’s version of poutine sound delicious enough that I made a mental note to try the restaurant as soon as I got a chance to. Of course, ‘as soon as I got a chance to’ became ‘as soon as I remembered that the restaurant even existed’ after reading countless other restaurant reviews describing dishes that seemed to be equally as delicious as the … Continue reading Bad Poutine, Good Albacore, and Average Everything Else