Kobe: Real Kobe Beef at Royal Mouriya

The term “Kobe Beef” has become an abused and overused cliche in North America. I’m sure all of you have visited countless restaurants that serve “Kobe” burgers. I’m also sure that you all know that the “Kobe” in the Kobe burgers is nothing more than a descriptive word used to make a burger patty made of Canadian AA beef/USDA choice (or most likely USDA select) beef sound better than it tastes. Some restaurants in the US and Canada claim that they serve “authentic” Kobe beef that come from wagyu cattle whose lineage can be ultimately traced to Japan, but they … Continue reading Kobe: Real Kobe Beef at Royal Mouriya

Kobe: Taiyaki

I visited Kobe for one reason and one reason only: to sample real Kobe beef. I achieved the goal by visiting a teppanyaki restaurant specializing in Kobe beef and I quite enjoyed my experience there (…more to come on this experience in a later post). After I finished my Kobe beef meal and as my family and I were heading towards the Kobe train station for an express train back to Osaka, we came upon this: This was the biggest sign I’ve ever seen for a place that exclusively sold taiyaki. The storefront itself was rather small compared to its … Continue reading Kobe: Taiyaki