Taipei: Advanced (Sien Jing) Seafood

They must have had an advanced cloaking device or something, because I’ve been hearing about this place from my father for two years and for two years he hasn’t been able to find the place. And it wasn’t for lack of trying either. I’ve witnessed with my own eyes my parents leaving their apartment so that they could try and find the place. More than once. Then, all of a sudden, they found it. Then it was an ordeal to get into the place. If the place wasn’t full when my parents tried to walk in, the reservations were full … Continue reading Taipei: Advanced (Sien Jing) Seafood

Singapore: No Signage Board

My first dinner in Singapore. Seafood, of course. Where? I made reservations at each of the “Big Three” seafood restaurants: Melben at 7 p.m., Jumbo at 6 p.m., and No Signage Board at 5 p.m. I neurotically over-planned it because you can never be sure when you’re going to be needing to have dinner when you’re travelling with 5 kids. One minute they’re having an absolute blast roasting under the equatorial sun and the next minute…us ¬†grown-ups need to get our nearly-sunburnt selves away from the heat and into an air-conditioned box. It was 4:35 p.m. The sun made the … Continue reading Singapore: No Signage Board

The Pacific Northwest Clambake: The Fish Shack

The Fish Shack belongs to the genre of nautical-themed seafood-casual restaurants that can be found throughout the coastal cities of North America. These restaurants usually specialize in raw oysters, steamers, chowders, shellfish, deep-fried everything, and grilled-or-blackened-fresh-sheet-items. Since I have lived in several cities along both the east and west coast, I have visited more than my share of this type of restaurant. A notable local example that I have visited is Rodney’s Oyster House¬†(I know…it originated in a non-coastal city); another notable and popular restaurant in this category that I have often visited with my wife and daughter was Jasper … Continue reading The Pacific Northwest Clambake: The Fish Shack

Not A Sea Lover

C-Lover’s Fish and Chips – Fish and chips: not something that I eat often. Even though I’ve hardly ever met a deep fried item that I don’t agree with, fish is the one thing that I think is better when it is not deep fried. First and foremost, I like to eat raw fish; preferably with some rice below it. If it’s not served raw, then I need it to be steamed – with scallions and soy sauce; some ginger would be nice too. Deep fried fish? I’ll only eat it if it’s absolutely necessary; if there’s no better choice. … Continue reading Not A Sea Lover

Osaka: An All-Crab Kaiseki at Kani Doraku

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say the Kani Doraku is the most iconic restaurant in Osaka. No matter where you look – whether it be travel websites, travel magazines, or travel guidebooks – the giant crab that is a part of the restaurant’s sing looms as one of the signature (culinary) sights of the city. Being the typical tourists that we were, my wife, kids, and I had to have our pictures taken in front of the restaurant. And being the curious food addict that I was, I had to try its food. Here’s a picture of the iconic … Continue reading Osaka: An All-Crab Kaiseki at Kani Doraku

All Execution and No Imagination

Joe Forte’s – When I drove by Joe Forte’s Restaurant for the first time not long after I first moved here, I thought that it was somehow related to the very good college basketball player but NBA failure of the same name. He was the most famous and only person named Joe Forte I knew, but I doubt that he made enough money in his short, two year NBA career to be able to open a restaurant this size. And why would he want to open a restaurant in a city that he has no basketball connection to? I thought … Continue reading All Execution and No Imagination

A Decent Tourist Trap

The Sandbar – Today my wife, kids, and I took my mother-in-law for her obligatory trip to Granville Island. After getting there at around 10:30, we walked around, went into various shops, visited the public market, visited the kids market, and took a half-hour boat ride. I wasn’t keeping track of time but it felt like it was at least 3 or 4 PM by the time we were done with the boat ride. When I looked at my watch, I saw both hands pointing up. It was only twelve o’clock. ‘Time sure went by slowly’, I thought to myself. … Continue reading A Decent Tourist Trap