Present Tense Suck: Tung Hing Bakery

There are many things I don’t know about the city, like how this stretch of Kingsway, with Vietnamese storefronts slightly outnumbering their Anglo and Chinese counterparts, is known as Little Saigon. I also have no idea that Tung Hing Bakery is supposed to be a bahn mi destination. The present tense gives me goose bumps in a bad way. I type in the present tense and I tensely cringe. I can’t. Formal designations gives me expectations. I see the words “Little Saigon”…strike that. I am not “seeing” the words “Little Saigon”. I saw them. I saw the words on one … Continue reading Present Tense Suck: Tung Hing Bakery

Quality or quantity for nine fifty? Nosherie

When the weather starts getting cold and the rain starts getting relentless, when their combined effects contribute to the attrition of the walkers of the sidewalk, the jaywalkers of the pavement, and the tourists who did not rent cars, when the act of simply walking from point A to point B for any and all purposes turns from a joy to being unbearable, THAT is the exact moment when walking into a restaurant becomes magical. Walking into the restaurant, you feel a warmth that not only comes from the artificial, man-made heat-generating systems in the building, but you also feel … Continue reading Quality or quantity for nine fifty? Nosherie

Flavour Illusions: The Templeton

Let me start off by saying that my wife, son, and I had a solid meal at The Templeton today. The service was friendly and efficient; the premises were fairly clean; the prices were about average; ┬áthe food was typical of diner fare, but it was less salty and much less greasy. Even though they had lower-than-usual salt and oil components, the food was nonetheless enjoyable and flavorful. But the flavours I tasted in some of the items were unexpected. The ingredients did not taste like what I expected them to taste like. For example, the flavours of the rosemary … Continue reading Flavour Illusions: The Templeton

Food Trucks: Mogu Japanese Street Eats

I was at the Pacific Centre during lunchtime today and instead of having my usual spicy beef basil fried rice from the Thai food court stall, I decided to venture outside the confines of the mall and sample the offerings of the Mogu food truck. Like most space-limited food trucks, Mogu has a rather tight and focused menu. It offers a total of three sandwiches – sweet miso pork katsu, chicken teriyaki, and veggie croquette, one side -chicken karaage in spicy sweet sauce, and one side salad on its regular menu. There were also two specials: the pork katsu curry … Continue reading Food Trucks: Mogu Japanese Street Eats

The “Anti-Gastropub”: Phat

Even though the restaurant has somewhat of a lame name, and even though its menu is a mishmash of breakfast items, deli sandwiches, and (North American) pub grub, my wife, son, and I had a very enjoyable lunch at Phat. Sometimes it’s the small things that count. And it was exactly a perfect storm of several small and positive factors that resulted in our enjoyable dining experience today. We enjoyed the atmosphere. The abundance of flat screens, jerseys, LED displays, and sports memorabilia might seem tacky to some, but it worked well with the loud background noise to create a … Continue reading The “Anti-Gastropub”: Phat

Barcelona: Tapas 24

    I’d say that over the past decade or so, tapas has become synonymous with Spanish cuisine. So I thought that I’d make my experience at one of the more highly regarded tapas bars in Barcelona as my first post on my trip to Spain. Tapas 24 is a much more casual sibling of Commerc 24 which, along with being awarded two Michelin stars, is considered by some to be one of the best and most innovative restaurants -small plates or otherwise- in Barcelona. Commerc 24 was actually one of the restaurants that I had made advance reservations for, … Continue reading Barcelona: Tapas 24

Satisfying? Yes. Amazing? No.

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro – I think I’ve been spoiled by the numerous amazing bahn mi’s that I’ve had in the Veitnamese-expat-heavy cities that I have lived in during the past decade. The combination of the French baguette and French pate, Vietnamese pickled vegetables, cilantro, and chilies, Asian/European cold cuts, animal fat, and (sometimes) fried eggs creates such an amazing synergy that is nothing less than amazing. Compared with better versions of bahn mi that I’ve had, most other baguette-based sandwiches (including ones I’ve had in France) seemed lacking. So even though I’ve read and heard rave reviews about the … Continue reading Satisfying? Yes. Amazing? No.