Food Trucks: Cazba

I’ve always thought that it would be much more likely for me to try out Cazba the restaurant before Cazba the food truck because of their respective locations.  It turns out I was wrong. The convenience of the grab-and-go nature of the Cazba food truck and the wraps it offered meant that I was able to quickly grab one of its wrap for a between-meal “meal” and go on my way to wherever I was going (which was nowhere in particular…but definitely not close to where the food truck was situated). I got the joojeh – a.k.a. chicken – wrap … Continue reading Food Trucks: Cazba

Food Trucks: Mr. Shawarma

Mr. Shawarma – I drive through Robson on an almost daily basis, and shutting off the section between Hornby and Howe down to vehicular traffic has been more than a bit annoying to me. It may seem minor, but the minutes of extra driving due to the detour adds up quickly. And what did they shut it down for? As far as I can tell, they shut it down for Mr. Shawarma. Other than pedestrians, the Mr. Shawarma food cart/truck/trailer seems to be the only thing standing between my car and a right turn on Robson to Howe. The shawarma … Continue reading Food Trucks: Mr. Shawarma

The Hipsters Are Right

Cafe Medina – Cafe Medina is one of those places that I’ve known about for a while, but really had no desire to try. To me, it seemed to be to be in the same category of restaurants as Nuba. Namely healthy, organic, Middle-Eastern inspired hipster cuisine. I do like Middle-Eastern and Middle-East inspired European cuisine; I not just not enamored with the healthy, organic, and hipster elements. I  had this notion in my head that the food at Cafe Medina would taste rather bland and the portion sizes minuscule. And preconceived notions have a way of growing from a … Continue reading The Hipsters Are Right

Hipster Fare

Nuba – I’ve been meaning to sample Lebanese food ever since I watched the back to Lebanon episode on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. On the show, Lebanese food looked different that the other kinds of Middle Eastern food I’ve had before. It looked like a mix of  lighter Middle Eastern cuisine and Mediterranean food, with the liberal use of olive oil, lemon, seafood, fruits, starches, and vegetables. A little bit of online research drew my attention to Nuba as the de facto local Lebanese restaurant. The various online restaurant reviews sites seem to indicate that Nuba was quite the popular … Continue reading Hipster Fare