Bagels and Smoked Meat: Rosemary Rocksalt

New York bagels: excellent. Montreal bagels: excellent. Boston bagels: good. Toronto bagels: good. L.A. bagels: mediocre. Vancouver bagels: mediocre. Conclusion: bagels suck on the west coast. After visiting the newly opened Rosemary Rocksalt on Lonsdale in North Van this afternoon, I am going to revise my conclusion. New conclusion: most bagels taste like dirt on the west coast, but there are a few gems within this sea of dirt. Rosemary Rocksalt is one of them (a gem, not dirt). The bagels sold (and made) at Rosemary Rocksalt are the real deal. They are indistinguishable in flavour and texture to the … Continue reading Bagels and Smoked Meat: Rosemary Rocksalt