Tokyo: Al Dente

On the third, or maybe fourth night of a trip you feel tired. It’s dinnertime and you don’t particularly feel any sort of hunger, but the kids need to eat. And you know you need to eat because eventually you will be hungry, and when that eventuality comes  you know that you won’t be able to go out to eat because the kids will be asleep. So, of course, the best course of action would be to go out right now. To find a spot that’s not particularly busy and not particularly popular but particularly close by because all you … Continue reading Tokyo: Al Dente

I don’t mean to scare you, but: Domino’s!

Twas the night before Halloween and all through the town, Nothing seemed unusual, as if nothing was going to go down But something sinister was afoot, When dinnertime came to me beckoning, My immediate reaction was not too cook Even though it was a weekday Even though I had plenty of spare time Even though my fridge was fully stocked Even though I had recipes in my head and on my laptop and on my phone and in that stack of cookbooks just waiting for me to follow. The something that was definitely sinister definitely took a hold of me, took a … Continue reading I don’t mean to scare you, but: Domino’s!

Singapore: No Signage Board

My first dinner in Singapore. Seafood, of course. Where? I made reservations at each of the “Big Three” seafood restaurants: Melben at 7 p.m., Jumbo at 6 p.m., and No Signage Board at 5 p.m. I neurotically over-planned it because you can never be sure when you’re going to be needing to have dinner when you’re travelling with 5 kids. One minute they’re having an absolute blast roasting under the equatorial sun and the next minute…us  grown-ups need to get our nearly-sunburnt selves away from the heat and into an air-conditioned box. It was 4:35 p.m. The sun made the … Continue reading Singapore: No Signage Board

Tough: Dae Ji

“How’s your pork cutlet?” “huh?” “Your pork cutlet? How is it?” “Can you stop with the food questions? All you talk about is food.” “Well YOU ARE eating the pork cutlet right now. I just want you to tell me if it’s good or not.” “The breading is crispy but not crunchy, and the meat is tough – like a Korean.” “And you have personal knowledge in that department?” “What department? Tough meat? Plenty. I’ve had my share of overcooked pork cutlets.” “No. I mean Koreans. You have personal experience of their toughness?” “Yea, sort of.” “Sort of? How?” “There … Continue reading Tough: Dae Ji

Taipei: Addictive Aquatic Development

I love the name of this place; so contrived. In fact, everything about Addictive Aquatic Development seems deliberate and  purpose-driven. Its location, for example, is brilliantly chosen. It’s located behind a commercial fruit marketplace and a commercial vegetable market. It is surrounded by butchers and fishmongers and loads of other traditional open-air meat and produce vendors. It is boxed between a highway and the the runway of the second-busiest airport in the city. It is physically located in a building that housed a wholesale seafood marketplace. Addictive Aquatic Development itself serves as a stylized seafood market with tanks and pools … Continue reading Taipei: Addictive Aquatic Development

Homestyle Japanese: Aotoya Blue Door

As a food-crazed man, I’m a firm believer in fostering a strong curiosity of food in my offsprings. I want to accustom them to the multitude of flavour and textural profiles present in various cuisines so that I can nurture their inner bon vivant. I encourage them to be adventurous with regards to meal choices and to always opt for unfamiliar and possibly eye-opening dining experiences whenever possible. If the opportunity presents itself, I allow them to personally choose the dining adventure that they wish to embark on. …That’s actually bending the truth just a little bit. I got a … Continue reading Homestyle Japanese: Aotoya Blue Door

Macau: Egg Tarts from Lord Stow’s Bakery

I’m sure no one would disagree with me when I say that Lord Stow’s Bakery is the most famous egg tart producer in all of Macau. There might be some debate as to whether it produces the best Portuguese-style egg tarts, but there is no debate that it is the most famous, and by far the most popular Portuguese egg tart purveyor. I would put good money on the claim 90% of all visitors to Macau have had Lord Stow’s egg tarts. Hell, I’ve had them long before my first visit to Macau. Before there were direct flights from Taiwan … Continue reading Macau: Egg Tarts from Lord Stow’s Bakery