The New York Slice: Ludica Pizzeria

I had imagined that we were going to have a grand ole’ time trying out the board games at the restaurant and I was right. I almost felt like I wanted the pizzas to come later to our table than the more-than-a-long-while that it took them to arrive. I know for a fact that the kids weren’t particularly happy to be served their lunches in the middle of our game. The game we were playing turned out to take up too much of the surface area of our table for us to continue playing it while simultaneously handling our food. We … Continue reading The New York Slice: Ludica Pizzeria

Subjectively subjective: Uncle Fatih’s (pepperoni) Pizza

My son thinks he looks like an artist. My wife thinks he looks more like a mafioso. I think Faith is a girl’s name. My daughter thinks the slices of pepperoni taste like ham. My son disagrees with my daughter. His opinion is that the pepperoni is spicy. None of the rest of us agrees with him. The pepperoni is most definitely not spicy. I point out that it is the sauce that is spicy. My wife points out that the sauce is sweet and not hot at all. My daughter concurs and says that it is the pizza that … Continue reading Subjectively subjective: Uncle Fatih’s (pepperoni) Pizza

The god of ramen: Taishoken

OK…maybe not directly related to the god of ramen, but probably a disciple of his. If not a disciple then certainly the disciple’s disciple or the disciple’s disciple’s apprentice. I think it was on one of those trans-Pacific flights in which I was trying to stay awake for the whole flight – so that I wouldn’t have to adjust to the time difference when I got back – when I found the Japanese documentary “The god of ramen” in the depths of the in-flight entertainment system. The movie was sad. I almost shed my virgin documentary tears for it. It … Continue reading The god of ramen: Taishoken

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid: Rogue Kitchen and WetBar

A few days ago my wife, son, and I visited Rogue Kitchen and WetBar for the first time. Even though it was our first visit, the food we received there gave me a very familiar feeling. At first I couldn’t not quite  pinpoint what the flavours reminded me of. It was not until I was biting into a piece of pizza while watching my son playing with a Gundam action figure that I realized where I have experienced the flavours before: Chuck E’ Cheese’s. Because there is only one Chuck E Cheese’s in GVRD, and because the lone local branch … Continue reading Where A Kid Can Be A Kid: Rogue Kitchen and WetBar

Chirashi Attack! Momo Sushi

Standards on what makes a restaurant and its dishes good vary greatly from one person to another. Some might think that value is of utmost importance, some prefer intimate surroundings, while others will consider no factor other than the freshness of ingredients. My wife and I have developed our own preferences and standards as to how we like certain foods, and it may or may not agree with the preferences and standards of others. As a result, we have learned to temper our expectations when we are urged by friends to visit restaurants that they liken to the second coming … Continue reading Chirashi Attack! Momo Sushi

A Flavour Disappointment

L’abattoir – I have been looking forward to my dinner tonight at L’abattoir. The restaurant looked and sounded promising on paper (LCD). It was an informal restaurant set in the city’s first jail and had a short and focused menu consisting of classical ingredients and classical sauces with a modern, haute twist. I’ve been to these types of restaurant countless times before in many a North American city. More often than not, the food served at these restaurants is imaginative, passionate, and tended to appeal more to the emotions of the diner than equally popular restaurants serving modernist cuisine. Modernist … Continue reading A Flavour Disappointment

The Hipsters Are Right

Cafe Medina – Cafe Medina is one of those places that I’ve known about for a while, but really had no desire to try. To me, it seemed to be to be in the same category of restaurants as Nuba. Namely healthy, organic, Middle-Eastern inspired hipster cuisine. I do like Middle-Eastern and Middle-East inspired European cuisine; I not just not enamored with the healthy, organic, and hipster elements. I  had this notion in my head that the food at Cafe Medina would taste rather bland and the portion sizes minuscule. And preconceived notions have a way of growing from a … Continue reading The Hipsters Are Right