Ramen is Ramen is Ramen: Ramen Danbo

Forgive me for being crass, but to me all good ramen pretty much taste the same. Sure, the broth may be thicker at one place, the chashu fattier at another place, and the noodles thinner at yet a third place, but when it comes right down to it, when the flavours and textures meld together to become mouthful after mouthful of noodle soup in my mouth, I can’t really discern much of a difference between the shio ramen from Santouka, Kintaro, or Motomachi Shokudo. To tell you the truth, I can’t honestly say that there is a huge difference between … Continue reading Ramen is Ramen is Ramen: Ramen Danbo

Bona Fide Pirates: Kyzock

They could not have been more honest about who they were and what they were about to do to you. Pirates. Kyzock(s). Thieves of the sea. For a few bucks more, they’ll give you a lot less than the competition. What a value proposition! They propose to rob you blind right in front of your eyes in broad daylight. High sea hijinks at the expense of the unaware consumer right in the core of downtown Vancouver within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean. I wonder where the five pieces of raw seafood that comprise the “Gorgeous Chirashi Don” that I … Continue reading Bona Fide Pirates: Kyzock

Taipei: Fresh Station

It seemed entirely possible to bypass the brunt of the thing with a quick five minute drive to the restaurant. The basement was its usual damp-smelling self when I went down to pick up the car. There were a few little puddles here and there, but those came more from the carwash lady washing the cars than from any sort of flooding. And the rain wasn’t really that bad when I left the garage. There was maybe a medium drizzle accompanied by an almost imperceptible breeze. Typhoon schmyphoon. Exaggerate. That’s the bread-and-butter of all-news channels in Taiwan. Where’s the knee-deep … Continue reading Taipei: Fresh Station

The god of ramen: Taishoken

OK…maybe not directly related to the god of ramen, but probably a disciple of his. If not a disciple then certainly the disciple’s disciple or the disciple’s disciple’s apprentice. I think it was on one of those trans-Pacific flights in which I was trying to stay awake for the whole flight – so that I wouldn’t have to adjust to the time difference when I got back – when I found the Japanese documentary “The god of ramen” in the depths of the in-flight entertainment system. The movie was sad. I almost shed my virgin documentary tears for it. It … Continue reading The god of ramen: Taishoken

Homestyle Japanese: Aotoya Blue Door

As a food-crazed man, I’m a firm believer in fostering a strong curiosity of food in my offsprings. I want to accustom them to the multitude of flavour and textural profiles present in various cuisines so that I can nurture their inner bon vivant. I encourage them to be adventurous with regards to meal choices and to always opt for unfamiliar and possibly eye-opening dining experiences whenever possible. If the opportunity presents itself, I allow them to personally choose the dining adventure that they wish to embark on. …That’s actually bending the truth just a little bit. I got a … Continue reading Homestyle Japanese: Aotoya Blue Door

Too Little, Too Sweet: Shishinori

My review of the food my wife and I had at Shishinori might be a little skewed. We were super hungry when we visited and we didn’t know that the restaurant was one of those that served healthy-ish food in “healthy” portion sizes. I had just burned through 1387 calories after a 2-hour cardiorespiratory exercise and my wife probably burned just as much with her shorter-in-duration-but-way-more-intense-in-exertion workout. Even though we were not looking to replenish the calories with oily, carb-heavy junk food, we were definitely looking for a meal that would satisfy our hunger(s). I take full responsibility for not … Continue reading Too Little, Too Sweet: Shishinori

Awful service, Hot room, and Fresh Yummy Fish: Sushi by Yuji

Until a week ago, I never realized why most respectable sushi restaurants did not have clear, floor-to-ceiling windows. Heat. Direct sunlight produces heat. Combine that with a sushi restaurant bare ready for lunch service with a bucket full of just-mixed sushi rice emitting vinegar in the form of steam and you get…A veritable sauna hot-circulating rancid, sour air through the respiratory systems of everyone in it. Sitting in Yuji’s at 12:01 P.M. on a weekday with weak service blasted by solar-generated heat and a vinegar-generated stench, my wife and I almost gave up on the place before our first pieces … Continue reading Awful service, Hot room, and Fresh Yummy Fish: Sushi by Yuji