Hong Kong: Macau Restaurant

  The nice thing about tea restaurants – or cha chaan ten – in Hong Kong is that they are basically open all day. They can serve you your breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and something to satisfy your midnight munchies. Even though this location of Macau Restaurant is in a touristy area, it nevertheless serves a more-or-less authentic, everyman (and everywoman) Hong-Kong-style breakfast.  I … Continue reading Hong Kong: Macau Restaurant

Hong Kong: Empire City Roasted Duck

If I have ever “happened” upon a restaurant and became instantaneously attracted by it, it would be this place. Located on one of the upper levels of one of the smaller but newer urban malls in tourist overrun Tsim Sha Tsui but oddly filled sparsely by locals, Empire City Roasted Duck beckoned me to walk into its inner sanctum the minute I laid eyes on … Continue reading Hong Kong: Empire City Roasted Duck

Hong Kong: Michelin Star My A$$ – Tim Ho Wan

Not that I mind walking over 45 minutes in the endless subway tunnels and thrice asking smug, pseudo-friendly locals where the supposedly uber-well-known dim sum restaurant was…I completely, totally, 101% would not mind searching for the place in a torrential downpour and double-gale-force winds if the food was actually good. So what if the wait was sixty minutes two hours before lunchtime if I could … Continue reading Hong Kong: Michelin Star My A$$ – Tim Ho Wan