Flavour Illusions: The Templeton

Let me start off by saying that my wife, son, and I had a solid meal at The Templeton today. The service was friendly and efficient; the premises were fairly clean; the prices were about average;  the food was typical of diner fare, but it was less salty and much less greasy. Even though they had lower-than-usual salt and oil components, the food was nonetheless enjoyable and flavorful. But the flavours I tasted in some of the items were unexpected. The ingredients did not taste like what I expected them to taste like. For example, the flavours of the rosemary … Continue reading Flavour Illusions: The Templeton

My favorite since age 10: Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. has been my favorite fast food restaurant since grade 4. Something happened during that year that forever endeared the restaurant to me…but I have forgotten what it was. All I remember is that I thought that their burgers were better tasting than burgers from McDee’s, Jack in the Crack, Dave’s daughter, Whopper King, and even that double-double-animal-style-secret-menu place. I had Carl’s Jr’s burgers at least twice a week as an afternoon snack, and I blossomed from a skin-on-bones-Tony-Hawk-body-type to a I’m-just-a-little-chubby-Kirby-Puckett build. Even though I no longer think that Carl’s Jr. serves the best-tasting fast food items, it … Continue reading My favorite since age 10: Carl’s Jr.

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid: Rogue Kitchen and WetBar

A few days ago my wife, son, and I visited Rogue Kitchen and WetBar for the first time. Even though it was our first visit, the food we received there gave me a very familiar feeling. At first I couldn’t not quite  pinpoint what the flavours reminded me of. It was not until I was biting into a piece of pizza while watching my son playing with a Gundam action figure that I realized where I have experienced the flavours before: Chuck E’ Cheese’s. Because there is only one Chuck E Cheese’s in GVRD, and because the lone local branch … Continue reading Where A Kid Can Be A Kid: Rogue Kitchen and WetBar

The Burger Chronicles: Hamilton Street Grill

My ongoing quest for the best local burger brought me to Hamilton Street Grill for lunch today. I have read and heard good things about its burger, and I wanted to try it out for myself. I brought along the usual panel of weekday lunch taste-testers: my wife and my son. Both my son and I had different versions of their hamburger, while my wife had a pasta dish. In additional to our main courses, my wife and I also shared an order of the restaurant’s interpretation/implementation of the classic French Onion Soup. Both my wife and I agreed that … Continue reading The Burger Chronicles: Hamilton Street Grill

Burger Chronicles Whistler: Splitz Grill

My wife and I took the kids up to Whistler for a mini 2-day skiing trip since the weather was so nice this week (and also because we got a great last-minute hotel deal). We arrived early and got in a full day of exploring the seemingly endless runs on both local mountains. At the end of the day, all four of us had exhausted every single calorie that we have taken in for breakfast, lunch, and probably all three meals for the two previous days.   We needed a high calorie meal; we needed burgers and fries. A quick … Continue reading Burger Chronicles Whistler: Splitz Grill

No Cleanliness = Minimal Food Memories: Vera’s Burger Shack On Denman

Since there is no way to sugar coat it, I’ll just come right out and say it. Every single physical object in the restaurant felt so unsanitary that it was impossible for my wife, son, and I to enjoy our meals at Vera’s branch on Denman. I couldn’t even focus on the flavours and textures of the individual items we ordered. The floor was grimy, our table was sticky, our seats were icky, and the kitchen looked like it needed a good blast from the power washer. Since we ordered and paid before we sat down, we were kinda stuck … Continue reading No Cleanliness = Minimal Food Memories: Vera’s Burger Shack On Denman

The Great Canadian Burger

Harvey’s – (Note: This post was written prior to my “reboot”.) Okay, I might be (grossly) overstating it in the title of this post. But Harvey’s was the ONE burger that my wife missed during our eleven years away from the country. She missed how she could customize the accompaniments and condiments of a Harvey’s burger just like a Subway sub. Although I didn’t particularly miss their burgers, I did miss being able to choose between their burgers or Church’s fried chicken at their locations in the GTA (during the 90’s…I have not been back recently so I don’t know … Continue reading The Great Canadian Burger