Living Life According to the Manual: Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Crouching against a 23 foot high stucco wall under a concrete staircase cracked thirty six different ways gently blasted by the 23 degree (celsius) Southern California summer breeze in constant lookout for the ruthless aluminum-bat-weilding, way-too-old-for-highschool dorm proctor I was introduced to the heretofore unknown to thirteen-year-old me term “manual human being”. The individual that introduced me to this term was a 17-year-old outcast 2 days removed from conformist Japanese society wishing to instil his considered-anarchist-only-in-Japan philosophy on anyone he could practice his English on. I was just there to enjoy the hysterics of watching him smoke a cigarette Bill-Clinton-style … Continue reading Living Life According to the Manual: Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Dim Sum And Then Some: Chef Tony

I won’t lie. I walked into the restaurant with both an off-the-charts expectation of great dim sum and an all-encompassing fear of a huge disappointment. Why this bipolarity? Chef Tony. Chef Tony of Sea Harbour. To be more exact: Sea Harbour. Sea Harbour’s outpost in Rosemead, CA. gave me my “DANG-I-didn’t-know-dim sum-could-make-me-happy” ┬ámoment in 2003. Sea Harbour of No. 3 Rd. also disappointed me almost to the point of depression in 2011 with its inhuman service and less-than-lukewarm food. I really had no idea which manifestation of chef Tony I was going to be presented with at Chef Tony. Was … Continue reading Dim Sum And Then Some: Chef Tony