Satisfying? Yes. Amazing? No.

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro – I think I’ve been spoiled by the numerous amazing bahn mi’s that I’ve had in the Veitnamese-expat-heavy cities that I have lived in during the past decade. The combination of the French baguette and French pate, Vietnamese pickled vegetables, cilantro, and chilies, Asian/European cold cuts, animal fat, and (sometimes) fried eggs creates such an amazing synergy that is nothing less than amazing. Compared with better versions of bahn mi that I’ve had, most other baguette-based sandwiches (including ones I’ve had in France) seemed lacking. So even though I’ve read and heard rave reviews about the … Continue reading Satisfying? Yes. Amazing? No.

A Flavour Disappointment

L’abattoir – I have been looking forward to my dinner tonight at L’abattoir. The restaurant looked and sounded promising on paper (LCD). It was an informal restaurant set in the city’s first jail and had a short and focused menu consisting of classical ingredients and classical sauces with a modern, haute twist. I’ve been to these types of restaurant countless times before in many a North American city. More often than not, the food served at these restaurants is imaginative, passionate, and tended to appeal more to the emotions of the diner than equally popular restaurants serving modernist cuisine. Modernist … Continue reading A Flavour Disappointment

No Cure For The Rainy Day Blues

Cafe Regalade – I didn’t even know that La Regalade had a branch in Kitsilano until my wife and I were looking for a place to have lunch today. We had an appointment within a block of the restaurant at 1:00 PM and we accidentally stumbled upon the restaurant at around 12:15 PM as we parked our car across the street from it and were about to head in an easterly direction in search of a lunch spot. As soon as I saw the restaurant’s signage, with its familiar red coloured cursive font and its familiar name, I knew that … Continue reading No Cure For The Rainy Day Blues

The Hipsters Are Right

Cafe Medina – Cafe Medina is one of those places that I’ve known about for a while, but really had no desire to try. To me, it seemed to be to be in the same category of restaurants as Nuba. Namely healthy, organic, Middle-Eastern inspired hipster cuisine. I do like Middle-Eastern and Middle-East inspired European cuisine; I not just not enamored with the healthy, organic, and hipster elements. I  had this notion in my head that the food at Cafe Medina would taste rather bland and the portion sizes minuscule. And preconceived notions have a way of growing from a … Continue reading The Hipsters Are Right

Keepin’ It Real

Provence Marinaside – You know your city has made it big when it gets it’s own version of the Real Housewives TV show. In order for there to be enough characters in the show, your city must have enough superficial and materialistic so-called “housewives” to be showcased on the various episodes of each season.  There must be at least five main “housewives” each season, along with minor characters who pose as their friends and their friend’s friends. The city must also have the requisite infrastructure to support the show such as high-end spas, boutiques, restaurants, and nearby resorts. Cites known for … Continue reading Keepin’ It Real

Visiting the new kid on the block after the Sun Run

Le Parisien – When I found out that Le Parisien couldn’t accommodate my family for dinner on Saturday night, I asked the lady on the other end of the phone if there was a table for four available for lunch the next day. I was told that there was plenty of availability, so I asked her to put my name down for a table at 12:30 PM. Driving within the speed limit, it would normally take me around 10 minutes to drive from my garage to a parking space around Le Parisien in moderate traffic. The traffic across the lion’s … Continue reading Visiting the new kid on the block after the Sun Run