Living Life According to the Manual: Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Crouching against a 23 foot high stucco wall under a concrete staircase cracked thirty six different ways gently blasted by the 23 degree (celsius) Southern California summer breeze in constant lookout for the ruthless aluminum-bat-weilding, way-too-old-for-highschool dorm proctor I was introduced to the heretofore unknown to thirteen-year-old me term “manual human being”. The individual that introduced me to this term was a 17-year-old outcast 2 days removed from conformist Japanese society wishing to instil his considered-anarchist-only-in-Japan philosophy on anyone he could practice his English on. I was just there to enjoy the hysterics of watching him smoke a cigarette Bill-Clinton-style … Continue reading Living Life According to the Manual: Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

A (Partial) Introduction to Guizhou Cuisine: Yummy Mammy

Ever since I found out that there is a whole new world of regional Asian restaurants in the Burnaby/Vancouver border waiting for me to explore, I have insisted on staying for dinner in Burnaby every Saturday after picking my daughter up from Mandarin school. This Saturday we decided to try out cuisine from the Guizhou region of China at Yummy Mammy. I have to admit that I do not have a lot of experience with Guizhou cuisine. I know that Guizhou is a region inhabited by the indigenous Miao people and that there are a lot of sour flavours in … Continue reading A (Partial) Introduction to Guizhou Cuisine: Yummy Mammy

My favorite since age 10: Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. has been my favorite fast food restaurant since grade 4. Something happened during that year that forever endeared the restaurant to me…but I have forgotten what it was. All I remember is that I thought that their burgers were better tasting than burgers from McDee’s, Jack in the Crack, Dave’s daughter, Whopper King, and even that double-double-animal-style-secret-menu place. I had Carl’s Jr’s burgers at least twice a week as an afternoon snack, and I blossomed from a skin-on-bones-Tony-Hawk-body-type to a I’m-just-a-little-chubby-Kirby-Puckett build. Even though I no longer think that Carl’s Jr. serves the best-tasting fast food items, it … Continue reading My favorite since age 10: Carl’s Jr.

Neapolitan Pizza: The Bibo

My wife and I place The Bibo at the top spot in terms of tastiness among local Neapolitan pizza places that we have tried ( and which I have mostly neglected to write posts about ). If distance and time were not issues, we would be savoring their pies every time that we get a craving for authentic, Neapolitan pizza. But since we have two young children registered in various classes, engaged in a wide range of activities, and wishing to dine at their favorite restaurants (non of which are Neapolitan pizza restaurants) whenever they get a chance to dine … Continue reading Neapolitan Pizza: The Bibo

You Don’t Need To Order Noodles To Enjoy Your Meal: Lucky Noodles

Sometimes you get so stuck in a particular thought pattern and mindset that you fail to see the numerous obvious options that are staring right at you. My mind happened to be stuck in the particularly pathetic logic of first trying to find restaurants to dine at in Burnaby and, upon failing to find an interesting-looking restaurant in the stretch of Kingsway between Swangard Stadium and Pearl House, concluding that there are simply no restaurants in the area worth trying anymore. This is a rather depressing thought since my daughter’s enrollment in a local Mandarin school means that my family … Continue reading You Don’t Need To Order Noodles To Enjoy Your Meal: Lucky Noodles

“Vietnamese-lite”: One Saigon

I found out about One Saigon while waiting for a table at ShiZen Ya next door. I noticed that the tiny Vietnamese place had the “must-try” trifecta: all of its tables were occupied, a sizable lineup of diners were waiting to order and purchase food, and an equally sizable crowd was hanging around waiting for their takeout orders. I went back to One Saigon a few days later with my wife and son to see if its food was good enough to justify its popularity. Hoping to avoid the long queue and subsequent long wait for food, we arrived at the … Continue reading “Vietnamese-lite”: One Saigon

Whistler: Pasta Lupino

My family visited Pasta Lupino for a high-carb lunch after another morning of skiing in Whistler. The restaurant is located right across the street from Splitz Grill. We actually stumbled upon the busy restaurant the night before our visit when we were shopping at the 7-11 next door after our meal at Splitz Grill. Pasta Lupino was completely full on the night that we first noticed its existence, and all of  the restaurant’s tables were once again fully occupied by patrons when we visited it for lunch. Since lunch was counter-service, we were able queue up and order our food before … Continue reading Whistler: Pasta Lupino