Quality or quantity for nine fifty? Nosherie

When the weather starts getting cold and the rain starts getting relentless, when their combined effects contribute to the attrition of the walkers of the sidewalk, the jaywalkers of the pavement, and the tourists who did not rent cars, when the act of simply walking from point A to point B for any and all purposes turns from a joy to being unbearable, THAT is the exact moment when walking into a restaurant becomes magical. Walking into the restaurant, you feel a warmth that not only comes from the artificial, man-made heat-generating systems in the building, but you also feel … Continue reading Quality or quantity for nine fifty? Nosherie

Flavour Illusions: The Templeton

Let me start off by saying that my wife, son, and I had a solid meal at The Templeton today. The service was friendly and efficient; the premises were fairly clean; the prices were about average;  the food was typical of diner fare, but it was less salty and much less greasy. Even though they had lower-than-usual salt and oil components, the food was nonetheless enjoyable and flavorful. But the flavours I tasted in some of the items were unexpected. The ingredients did not taste like what I expected them to taste like. For example, the flavours of the rosemary … Continue reading Flavour Illusions: The Templeton

Neapolitan Pizza: Famoso

I’m not unfamiliar with Neapolitan pizza chains. I used to live next to one for more than five years. To me, Neapolitan pizza became sort of like Domino’s or Papa John’s. If I was too tired, too lazy to cook my own meal, or unwilling drive more than 5 minutes for takeout, I would order a Neapolitan-style pizza. Eating Neapolitan pizza became so commonplace for me that eating greasy New York-style slices actually felt exotic. But that was years ago. I have spent the past five years eating bland-tasting, west-coast-wanna-be-pizza that is light years behind New York or Neapolitan or … Continue reading Neapolitan Pizza: Famoso

Burger Chronicles Whistler: Splitz Grill

My wife and I took the kids up to Whistler for a mini 2-day skiing trip since the weather was so nice this week (and also because we got a great last-minute hotel deal). We arrived early and got in a full day of exploring the seemingly endless runs on both local mountains. At the end of the day, all four of us had exhausted every single calorie that we have taken in for breakfast, lunch, and probably all three meals for the two previous days.   We needed a high calorie meal; we needed burgers and fries. A quick … Continue reading Burger Chronicles Whistler: Splitz Grill

Real Korean Flavours: Chosun B.B.Q. Korean Restaurant

I was going through pictures of meals that I have not had a chance to post about and came upon the photographs of my family’s most recent non-B.B.Q. meal at Chosun B.B.Q. Korean Restaurant, the elder sibling of the more Japanese-cuisine-leaning Yakiniku Chosun. I was a little surprised by the flavours and textures that the pictures brought up from the stacks of my long-term memory. For example, the kalbi (short-ribs) we ordered very much resembled the kalbi that came on the bibimbap at Yakiniku Chosun. These short ribs were almost as wet as the ones from the restaurant’s West End … Continue reading Real Korean Flavours: Chosun B.B.Q. Korean Restaurant

I Finally Fixed The Pictures (Sorta)

Gotham Steakhouse- I finally was able to somewhat fix the pictures I took of my meal at Gotham Steakhouse a few weeks ago. Although I did manage to brighten the pictures up a bit, I failed to properly adjust all of the pictures to a consistent color temperature. As a result, none of the pictures have colors that are even remotely close to what they look like in real life. So please make a mental note that the items in the photos are not as yellow or red as they look in  the pictures. Here are the items we had: … Continue reading I Finally Fixed The Pictures (Sorta)

Trying To Come Up With A Better Picture Of The Food

Applause Japanese Restaurant- After reviewing the pictures that I took of my family’s lunch at Applause Japanese Restaurant today, I have to say that they are truly awful. There were so many items on our table that I couldn’t take a picture of one item without five other items also making it into to the picture. Our table wasn’t crowded because it was too small. Quite the contrary, the four of us were given a table that could’ve easily seated six. Our table was crowded because there was a lot of food included in each of the four lunch specials … Continue reading Trying To Come Up With A Better Picture Of The Food