Taipei: Addictive Aquatic Development

I love the name of this place; so contrived. In fact, everything about Addictive Aquatic Development seems deliberate and  purpose-driven. Its location, for example, is brilliantly chosen. It’s located behind a commercial fruit marketplace and a commercial vegetable market. It is surrounded by butchers and fishmongers and loads of other traditional open-air meat and produce vendors. It is boxed between a highway and the the runway of the second-busiest airport in the city. It is physically located in a building that housed a wholesale seafood marketplace. Addictive Aquatic Development itself serves as a stylized seafood market with tanks and pools … Continue reading Taipei: Addictive Aquatic Development

20th century pricing and a sublime roll: Shiro

If the 21st century was a person, it’d be a teenager now. I remember when I was a teenager in the 90’s…gas prices were around 50 cents a litre, an album on CD cost around $15 (or more) , and entrees at Japanese-owned Japanese restaurants were priced at the $6 to $8 range. A litre of gasoline was ridiculously priced at around $1.40 when I filled up my car a few days ago. Entire albums can be purchased for only about $10 on iTunes. An order of katsudon at Shiro was priced at seven-and-a-half dollars. No, that is not a … Continue reading 20th century pricing and a sublime roll: Shiro

Osaka: I never thought I would say this in Japan but…Order the rolls, not the nigiri

Kaiba Sushi – Ever since my family and I first arrived in Osaka for our trip to Kansai, I had been looking  for a traditional sushi restaurant where I could have a proper sushi meal.  I asked the ‘personal butler’ (hotel concierge) assigned to our room to find us a table at a traditional sushi restaurant on the day we arrived and every day after that, but she was never able to find one that accommodated young children. Finally, on my second last day in Osaka, I gave up and told her to just find us any half-respectable sushi restaurant … Continue reading Osaka: I never thought I would say this in Japan but…Order the rolls, not the nigiri

Trying To Come Up With A Better Picture Of The Food

Applause Japanese Restaurant- After reviewing the pictures that I took of my family’s lunch at Applause Japanese Restaurant today, I have to say that they are truly awful. There were so many items on our table that I couldn’t take a picture of one item without five other items also making it into to the picture. Our table wasn’t crowded because it was too small. Quite the contrary, the four of us were given a table that could’ve easily seated six. Our table was crowded because there was a lot of food included in each of the four lunch specials … Continue reading Trying To Come Up With A Better Picture Of The Food

Highway Robbery

Zen – I don’t know where to begin…I know, how about this? Zen Sucks! I’ll spare you the usual introductory paragraphs and get straight to the mostly crap food my family and I had for dinner a few hours ago at Zen sushi. I’ll start with my son’s dish, the chicken tonkatsu. The breading was hard as rocks and greasy as hell. How hard was the breading, you ask? How about making a big ‘CLUNK’ as it was dropped on the table hard? The breading was so hard that my son found it impossible to bite through. My wife had … Continue reading Highway Robbery

Satisfying a Four Year Craving

Hachi Hana- As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I do not subscribe to the theory that all non-Japanese operated Japanese restaurants are inauthentic or serve subpar food. Sure, there are a lot of non-Japanese operated Japanese places that serve crappy food, but then I have also had more than my share of decent meals at non-Japanese operated places. I knew Hachi Hana was a Korean operated Japanese restaurant before I even set foot in the restaurant. But I never hesitated for a moment to visit it because of this fact. I actually wanted to visit it because I … Continue reading Satisfying a Four Year Craving

Why Do I Keep Coming Back For Crap Like This?

Sushi Town – Some may consider it sacrilege to even consider eating at a place such as Sushi Town, but I’m not enough of a food snob to be put off by eating at at restaurants such as this. When I feel like having some raw fish, and when I don’t feel like driving over the lion’s gate bridge or paying through my nose, I think of Sushi Town. I don’t even remember the last time I had food from Sushi Town; it must’ve been at least two months ago. I just remember that I felt  so full and disgusted … Continue reading Why Do I Keep Coming Back For Crap Like This?