Japanese Ramen? I think not: Gyoza Bar

I get why people hate on Miku. I do. It’s easy to dislike a sushi place when it seems big, corporate, untraditional, and most importantly, sorely lacking when it comes to the residence of an Itamae who you can recognize by name. But I happen to like Miku. It is my favourite sushi restaurant in the area. It is unique, and it presents flavours that … Continue reading Japanese Ramen? I think not: Gyoza Bar

Chirashi Attack! Kingyo Izakaya

I didn’t visit Kingyo for its chirashi. I didn’t even know it had a chirashi. I’ve been to Kingyo countless times and I have practically memorized its menu. I know for a fact that I’ve never seen the word “chirashi” on its lunch menu. My family visited Kingyo at the behest of my daughter; I went into the restaurant with the intent of ordering their … Continue reading Chirashi Attack! Kingyo Izakaya

There’s a Reason This Place is Not Called Ramen King or Chahan King

Gyoza King – Gyoza king was quite the popular restaurant when I first visited the city a few years ago. I can’t attest to its popularity now because I’m not usually out at the hours izakayas become busy, but I will say that there is much less online buzz about the place right now than there was on my first visit to the city. My … Continue reading There’s a Reason This Place is Not Called Ramen King or Chahan King

Japanese Dim Sum / No Outside Food Allowed

Guu – Guu is one of those popular and highly-regarded chains that my wife and I just can’t seem to find a good meal at. Our first visit was to Guu Garlic and our experience was abysmal. We had poor service, bland dishes, and extremely dry rice. Guu Garden wasn’t much better. We did get good service, but the food was once again inferior to … Continue reading Japanese Dim Sum / No Outside Food Allowed

The Watermelon Lunch

Suika – I always ask any person whom I meet for the first time which restaurant, in their opinion, is the best local restaurant. If this person happens to come from another country, I will ask her/him to recommend a local restaurant that serves the best food from her/his home country. These recommendations are often more accurate than the aggregate online ratings and, as a … Continue reading The Watermelon Lunch

Do Not Come Here For The Sushi

Shuraku Sake Bar & Bistro – I didn’t know what I was thinking. How could I have expected good nigiri sushi at Shuraku Sake Bar & Bistro? It is an izakaya; which is essentially a gastro-pub. And even the best Japanese gastro-pubs in town, such as Kingyo, are not known for producing good, traditional nigiri sushi. I guess I was so hungry today that I … Continue reading Do Not Come Here For The Sushi

Breaking a vicious cycle

Day 12 – Kingyo… Ever feel like you were in the movie “Groundhog Day” where a sequence of actions just keeps repeating and repeating and repeating? Like a skipping CD or an annoying friend, sometimes you just want to put an end to the loop and move in a different direction. But there is always something compels you to stay in the infinite loop. For … Continue reading Breaking a vicious cycle