Singapore: Singapore Food Trail

Tourist infrastructure done right. Singapore. Nothing half-assed about anything. The Singapore flyer. Yes, it looks like the London Eye. It feels like the London Eye. It rides like the London Eye. But you see more of the city with the Flyer than with the Eye. You see what seems to be a complete cityscape. At the top of the wheel, when your car reaches the top, you feel large. You feel like you rule over all the skyscrapers of the peninsula. The modern marvel that is the Marina Bay Sands seems like three low-rises connected by a skimpy skybridge. I … Continue reading Singapore: Singapore Food Trail

Singapore: No Signage Board

My first dinner in Singapore. Seafood, of course. Where? I made reservations at each of the “Big Three” seafood restaurants: Melben at 7 p.m., Jumbo at 6 p.m., and No Signage Board at 5 p.m. I neurotically over-planned it because you can never be sure when you’re going to be needing to have dinner when you’re travelling with 5 kids. One minute they’re having an absolute blast roasting under the equatorial sun and the next minute…us ¬†grown-ups need to get our nearly-sunburnt selves away from the heat and into an air-conditioned box. It was 4:35 p.m. The sun made the … Continue reading Singapore: No Signage Board

Singapore: Hainanese Chicken Rice at Chatterbox

Before visiting Singapore, I did a little bit of research and had a list of about seven Hainanese chicken rice places that I wanted to try. Most of them were in hawker centres, and I had planned to hit one up for lunch as soon as my family and I arrived in Singapore, checked into our hotel, and visited a specific travel agency in a certain shopping centre to purchase tickets for attractions that we were going to visit during the trip. It was at that certain shopping centre that I came to the realization that hawker centres were a … Continue reading Singapore: Hainanese Chicken Rice at Chatterbox