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Taipei: Fresh Station

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It seemed entirely possible to bypass the brunt of the thing with a quick five minute drive to the restaurant. The basement was its usual damp-smelling self when I went down to pick up the car. There were a few … Continue reading

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Barcelona: Tickets

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  He’s a real nowhere man Sitting in his nowhere land Making all his nowhere plans for nobody Doesn’t have a point of view Knows not where he’s going to Isn’t he a bit like you and me? Nowhere Man, … Continue reading

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Taipei: Addictive Aquatic Development

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I love the name of this place; so contrived. In fact, everything about Addictive Aquatic Development seems deliberate and ¬†purpose-driven. Its location, for example, is brilliantly chosen. It’s located behind a commercial fruit marketplace and a commercial vegetable market. It … Continue reading

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Macau: Old Neptune Restaurant at the Venetian

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The last time I visited Macau, it had only ONE major casino- which was controlled by the city’s one and only gaming licensee. The gambling industry was a monopoly back then, and it attracted a fair number of visitors and … Continue reading

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Something a food slob like me enjoys: Italian Kitchen

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The size. The dimensions. The proportions. The perception. I’m not good at estimating distances or heft or volume or bigness or smallness or square footage or anything like that. Driving by Park Royal everyday and watching the workers build, decorate, … Continue reading

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Hong Kong: Michelin Star My A$$ – Tim Ho Wan

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Not that I mind walking over 45 minutes in the endless subway tunnels and thrice asking smug, pseudo-friendly locals where the supposedly uber-well-known dim sum restaurant was…I completely, totally, 101% would not mind searching for the place in a torrential … Continue reading

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Summer 2013

I’ll be taking my family on our annual 2 month Taiwanese cultural immersion program this week. Naturally, we will be staying in Taiwan for most of the trip. We also have plans ¬†for a 9 day trip to Tokyo in … Continue reading

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