Stinky Hot Pot: Boiling Point

Depending on whether or not you’re a fan of stinky tofu, the prospects eating a hot pot whose broth features its ‘stinky’ juices will either excite or horrify you. I like stinky tofu quite a lot, but I’m not sure if I like every other component of a hot pot infected and ‘dirtied’ by the rancid tofu (it’s similar to how the moldiest and stinkiest varieties of cheese are best enjoyed on their own). As a result, I have – thus far in my life – avoided trying the pan-stinky aromas of stinky hot pot. Boiling Point, being a restaurant … Continue reading Stinky Hot Pot: Boiling Point

Taipei: Ding Wang Hotpot

Ding Wang has been one of the hottest (in terms of popularity) hot pot restaurants in Taiwan for the past few years. The restaurant originated in Taichung, became extremely popular, and subsequently expanded to the culinary big leagues of Taipei. Because of Ding Wang’s stellar reputation, it took relatively short time for the restaurant to ascend to the upper echelons of Taipei’s hot pot scene. As great as everyone thinks the hot pot at Ding Wang was, my wife and I were not fans of their food when we made our only visit there around two years ago. We thought … Continue reading Taipei: Ding Wang Hotpot

It has all the trappings, but it just doesn’t feel like home

Day 15 – Pearl Hot Pot… Shabu Shabu was invented in Japan but popularized in Taiwan. I am almost certain that there are more shabu shabu restaurants per capita in Taiwan than anywhere else in the world. The restaurants span the gamut of quality and affordability. You see the high-end versions where they use the highest quality ingredients and charge a likewise high premium┬áto the mid-range food court versions where prices are slight elevated because of the “mall tax” to neighborhood shabu shabu restaurants where parents can afford to take their kids when they don’t feel like cooking From the … Continue reading It has all the trappings, but it just doesn’t feel like home