Tokyo: Kyubei

I was going through my email trying to find the notes I took of the exemplary meal my wife and I had a Kyubei but I couldn’t find them…I don’t know what happened to them. I distinctly remembered typing the names of each individual piece of fish we were served along with their tasting notes on my phone, and I distinctly remembered emailing the rather lengthy note to myself. But nothing. I can’t believe it! The one time that I was able to take notes in a well-regarded sushi restaurant in Tokyo because I was being served by the rare … Continue reading Tokyo: Kyubei

Kobe: Real Kobe Beef at Royal Mouriya

The term “Kobe Beef” has become an abused and overused cliche in North America. I’m sure all of you have visited countless restaurants that serve “Kobe” burgers. I’m also sure that you all know that the “Kobe” in the Kobe burgers is nothing more than a descriptive word used to make a burger patty made of Canadian AA beef/USDA choice (or most likely USDA select) beef sound better than it tastes. Some restaurants in the US and Canada claim that they serve “authentic” Kobe beef that come from wagyu cattle whose lineage can be ultimately traced to Japan, but they … Continue reading Kobe: Real Kobe Beef at Royal Mouriya

Osaka: Ippudo Ramen (at Momofuku Ando’s Original Ramen Restaurant)

  Ippudo probably severed me the best bowl of ramen that I’ve had in North America. I knew that I had to visit one of its locations when I made my next trip to Japan. I also knew that it wouldn’t be that hard to find an Ippudo in Japan since they have in excess of 60 branches all over the country. Out of the 60 some odd locations, I was fortunate enough to visit one of their most unique outposts. It is located in the building that housed the original ramen operation Momofuku Ando ran at around the same … Continue reading Osaka: Ippudo Ramen (at Momofuku Ando’s Original Ramen Restaurant)

Japan: Beef Bowls – both low end and high end

I have a soft spot for Japanese beef bowls, especially the ones from Yoshinoya. They were the single most important food item that helped me through many a hungry boarding school evening when I was between the ages of 13 and 14. The simple combination of relatively-fresh, boiled-in-sauce thinly sliced beef and onions with white rice often provided me with the tasty and nutritious satisfaction that I desperately needed after suffering through the reheated factory-made meals served by the soulless school kitchen. It is for this sentimental reason that I always make it a point to have at least one … Continue reading Japan: Beef Bowls – both low end and high end

Osaka: Instant Ramen Museum

Although it is not one of the “major” museums or tourist attractions of Osaka, my wife and I decided to make a trip out to one of the outlying suburbs of the city to visit The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum on our most recent trip to Osaka. Instant noodles were one of those supposed “unhealthy” foods frowned upon by our Taiwanese parents while both my wife and I were growing up, so naturally it was the one type of food that we would never give up an opportunity to consume whenever we got a chance to. In addition, the … Continue reading Osaka: Instant Ramen Museum

Osaka: Breakfast At The St. Regis

I love breakfasts at hotels in Japan. There’s nothing better to start the day than a bowl of perfectly-cooked rice, hot miso soup, pickled vegetables, natto, and grilled salt-marinated fish. It was actually one of the things I looked forward to before my family’s trip to Osaka. Breakfast at the St. Regis in Osaka is served at its high-end Italian restaurant. Not only is it served in the Italian restaurant, it is cooked by the same chefs who work at the kitchen for both lunch and dinner. What was even more surprising was that I observed the head chef walking … Continue reading Osaka: Breakfast At The St. Regis