Who Likes Thai Food? Bob Likes Thai Food

Every time I get a craving for Thai food, a dark, melancholy mood overtakes me.  I am reminded of the great Thai food in Boston, and of never being able to access such authentic and high quality Thai food on a regular basis ever again ( this post will help illuminate the subject). But I’m a realist. I know that the only way to satisfy my not-infrequent cravings for Thai food is to continuously try out local Thai places to find restaurants that are at least acceptable. Bob Likes Thai Food seems to be well-regarded by those whose views on food I … Continue reading Who Likes Thai Food? Bob Likes Thai Food

Taipei: My Favorite Thai Restaurant in Taipei

Sukhothai restaurant, located in the Taipei Sheraton Hotel, is my favorite Thai restaurant in Taiwan. Its combination of decent service, best-in-genre atmosphere, and impeccable food has made it the only Thai restaurant that I would visit whenever I’m back in Taipei. Thai food in Taiwan, like the Thai food in North America, has been generally adapted to suit the local palate. The food at Sukhothai is no different in this regard. But the tweaks it has made to its food are different from every other local Thai restaurant in that the food has stayed true to its Thai roots and … Continue reading Taipei: My Favorite Thai Restaurant in Taipei

Catering to a Specific Gender

Pink Elephant Thai – One of things that took me by surprise during my years in Boston was the high concentration of Thai expats in the city. I didn’t see a connection between Thailand and Boston. Southeast Asia was already far enough away from North America that I would have thought that people from Thailand would have preferred moving to somewhere on the West Coast like California over Boston, which represented an extra 6 hours of travel time by plane. Further, it would seem quite counterintuitive for people who were used to the tropical, warm weather of southeast Asia to … Continue reading Catering to a Specific Gender