Subjectively subjective: Uncle Fatih’s (pepperoni) Pizza

My son thinks he looks like an artist. My wife thinks he looks more like a mafioso. I think Faith is a girl’s name. My daughter thinks the slices of pepperoni taste like ham. My son disagrees with my daughter. His opinion is that the pepperoni is spicy. None of the rest of us agrees with him. The pepperoni is most definitely not spicy. I point out that it is the sauce that is spicy. My wife points out that the sauce is sweet and not hot at all. My daughter concurs and says that it is the pizza that … Continue reading Subjectively subjective: Uncle Fatih’s (pepperoni) Pizza

Umami Overload

Phnom Penh – Never in a million years would I have imagined that MSG is such a popular seasoning with the locals. With all the urban legends and negative attitudes towards this product of fermentation, I would’ve thought that the health-concious, modern city-dwellers known as Vancouverites would be averse to restaurants that use it liberally. But apparently that is not the case because Phnom Penh is currently the number 1 rated restaurant on urbanspoon. It is also named as the top Vietnamese restaurant in 2012 by Vancouver Magazine. My wife and I dined at Phnom Penh for the first time … Continue reading Umami Overload