I don’t mean to scare you, but: Domino’s!

Twas the night before Halloween and all through the town, Nothing seemed unusual, as if nothing was going to go down But something sinister was afoot, When dinnertime came to me beckoning, My immediate reaction was not too cook Even though it was a weekday Even though I had plenty of spare time Even though my fridge was fully stocked Even though I had recipes … Continue reading I don’t mean to scare you, but: Domino’s!

Something a food slob like me enjoys: Italian Kitchen

The size. The dimensions. The proportions. The perception. I’m not good at estimating distances or heft or volume or bigness or smallness or square footage or anything like that. Driving by Park Royal everyday and watching the workers build, decorate, furnish, and finish the tiny corner section of the first phase of its expansion abutting Marine Drive, and knowing that it was to be the … Continue reading Something a food slob like me enjoys: Italian Kitchen

Stinky Hot Pot: Boiling Point

Depending on whether or not you’re a fan of stinky tofu, the prospects eating a hot pot whose broth features its ‘stinky’ juices will either excite or horrify you. I like stinky tofu quite a lot, but I’m not sure if I like every other component of a hot pot infected and ‘dirtied’ by the rancid tofu (it’s similar to how the moldiest and stinkiest … Continue reading Stinky Hot Pot: Boiling Point

No Redeeming Quality: Steak Redemption at Earl’s

I’m quite gullible when it comes to ads, commercials, and promotions. I never seem to be able to resist being seduced by the obviously-dressed-up-but-nonetheless-mouthwatering food pics in online and print media ads. Once I see the ads, I get an instant, overwhelming urge to visit the restaurant or store named in the ads.  The same applies for menu inserts and supplements at chain restaurants. As … Continue reading No Redeeming Quality: Steak Redemption at Earl’s

Neapolitan Pizza: Famoso

I’m not unfamiliar with Neapolitan pizza chains. I used to live next to one for more than five years. To me, Neapolitan pizza became sort of like Domino’s or Papa John’s. If I was too tired, too lazy to cook my own meal, or unwilling drive more than 5 minutes for takeout, I would order a Neapolitan-style pizza. Eating Neapolitan pizza became so commonplace for … Continue reading Neapolitan Pizza: Famoso

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid: Rogue Kitchen and WetBar

A few days ago my wife, son, and I visited Rogue Kitchen and WetBar for the first time. Even though it was our first visit, the food we received there gave me a very familiar feeling. At first I couldn’t not quite  pinpoint what the flavours reminded me of. It was not until I was biting into a piece of pizza while watching my son … Continue reading Where A Kid Can Be A Kid: Rogue Kitchen and WetBar

At The Movies Or With Unsweetened Iced Tea

Chipotle – I don’t remember Chipotle’s logo looking like this. The burgundy/red background with the scribbled chili and rather ordinary font…is this the same sanitized-Mexican-ish chain that I used to visit so that I could sneak a burrito into the cineplex? Apparently it is. I can’t say that I am as passionate about the food at Chipotle  as a lot of the people eating there. … Continue reading At The Movies Or With Unsweetened Iced Tea

London: Wagamama

I first heard about Wagamama ramen in the mid-to-late 90’s, when it was a rapidly expanding chain of Japanese-themed restaurants in London. It was sort of a cutting edge concept back then. It served ramen, which was a much lesser-known genre of Japanese cuisine when compared to either sushi sushi or teriyaki. The restaurant also popularized a few concepts that at the time were virtually … Continue reading London: Wagamama


East Side Mario’s – I really thought that I had escaped unscathed from the late night subconscious seed planting campaign that East Side Mario’s unleashed upon the insomniac television audience of Toronto in the mid to late nineties. Their television advertising spots and accompanying slogan stood out so much among other low-budget commericals for “questionable” services during the same past-midnight time slots that it was … Continue reading Brainwashed!