Too Little, Too Sweet: Shishinori

My review of the food my wife and I had at Shishinori might be a little skewed. We were super hungry when we visited and we didn’t know that the restaurant was one of those that served healthy-ish food in “healthy” portion sizes. I had just burned through 1387 calories after a 2-hour cardiorespiratory exercise and my wife probably burned just as much with her shorter-in-duration-but-way-more-intense-in-exertion workout. Even though we were not looking to replenish the calories with oily, carb-heavy junk food, we were definitely looking for a meal that would satisfy our hunger(s). I take full responsibility for not … Continue reading Too Little, Too Sweet: Shishinori

Chain: Joey Burrard

Is this place called Joey Burrard or Joey on Burrard or just Joey? My daughter asked me before we arrived at the restaurant if the restaurant had pictures of kangaroos on their walls and I told her that I didn’t know. What I knew was that Joey was probably the only local chain restaurant that I have not visited since moving to the local area. I know I’ve mentioned it several times before, but it never hurts to mention it one more time: local chain restaurants rock. Every time I visit a Cactus Club or an Earls, I am reminded … Continue reading Chain: Joey Burrard

A Great Experience Without The Need For Great Food

Oru – How can you complain about a meal at a nice restaurant in one of the more exclusive hotels in the city? You can’t. It was sunny, and the second floor restaurant had wraparound wall-to-ceiling windows that allowed bright, warm sunlight to penetrate through them without allowing any of the frigid outside air to seep in. The windows –  besides allowing us patrons of the restaurant a chance to bask/bake in the heat of the sun’s (ultraviolet) rays – also provided us with a great view of Canada Place, the Burrard inlet, and the north shore mountains. The white/white … Continue reading A Great Experience Without The Need For Great Food

Food Trucks: Tacofino (the right kind of fusion)

Tacofino – With such a thriving local food truck (cart) scene, I kinda feel bad for not trying more of them out. I think I’ve only ever tried food from one local food truck (not taking into account the ubiquitous Japadog) -Ursu – and I don’t even think it is in operation anymore. In an effort to delve deeper into the local food scene, I’m going to at least try out one of them a week. I started with Tacofino, whose truck on Howe just so happened to be in its last two days of operations when I visited it last … Continue reading Food Trucks: Tacofino (the right kind of fusion)

Osaka: I never thought I would say this in Japan but…Order the rolls, not the nigiri

Kaiba Sushi – Ever since my family and I first arrived in Osaka for our trip to Kansai, I had been looking  for a traditional sushi restaurant where I could have a proper sushi meal.  I asked the ‘personal butler’ (hotel concierge) assigned to our room to find us a table at a traditional sushi restaurant on the day we arrived and every day after that, but she was never able to find one that accommodated young children. Finally, on my second last day in Osaka, I gave up and told her to just find us any half-respectable sushi restaurant … Continue reading Osaka: I never thought I would say this in Japan but…Order the rolls, not the nigiri

Tokyo: Airport Sushi

I usually research and plan out specific restaurants to eat at before I visit any city. Even for a city like Tokyo, which I have visited in excess of 10 times in the past decade, there are still countless restaurants on my list of restaurants-t0-visit that I’ve yet to try – not to mention the thousands of other amazing restaurants that I haven’t even heard of. If I told you that I visited Tokyo yesterday, it would be natural for you to assume that I visited one of the restaurants on my list of restaurants-to-visit-in-Tokyo. But I didn’t. I simply … Continue reading Tokyo: Airport Sushi

I’d make my way out here just for the breakfast…lunch…and dinner…

Edible Canada At The Market – When I got home from taking my daughter to her swimming lesson this morning, my wife asked me if I had any ideas for lunch. “Why yes, I do!”, I answered. “We’re going to Granville Island.” “Why?”, asked my wife. “Oh…there’s this restaurant there that I want to try…it’s supposed to be good!” “We’ll see about that.” The pressure was on. If the food turned out be be anything but spectacular, it’ll probably be around a month before my wife would agree for us to go out or our ways for a meal again. … Continue reading I’d make my way out here just for the breakfast…lunch…and dinner…