Hong Kong: Michelin Star My A$$ – Tim Ho Wan

Not that I mind walking over 45 minutes in the endless subway tunnels and thrice asking smug, pseudo-friendly locals where the supposedly uber-well-known dim sum restaurant was…I completely, totally, 101% would not mind searching for the place in a torrential downpour and double-gale-force winds if the food was actually good. So what if the wait was sixty minutes two hours before lunchtime if I could have the dim sum meal of all dim sum meals? Tim Ho Wan was probably the ONE AND ONLY DESTINATION that I felt I must visit on my trip to HONG KONG last summer. It … Continue reading Hong Kong: Michelin Star My A$$ – Tim Ho Wan

Two Michelin Stars: Ramon Frexia Madrid

No restaurants in Madrid have been awarded three Michelin stars, so restaurants with two Michelin stars are as good as it gets in the city. I made the two-starred Ramon Frexia the ‘food’ focus of my family’s brief visit to Madrid because it seemed to be the perfect fit for our rather not-fine-dining-friendly situation. It was located in a hotel; this meant that – if we stayed at the hotel (and we did) – the kids would be dining in a familiar environment and that we could immediately return to our room if we needed to. The restaurant did not … Continue reading Two Michelin Stars: Ramon Frexia Madrid

Barcelona: Cinc Sentits

While doing research on restaurants to visit in Barcelona, Cinc Sentits was the one restaurant (other than Tickets, of course) that really piqued my interest. I was interested in the restaurant not because it currently owns a Michelin star – I’ve been to my share of restaurants awarded with one, two, and even three Michelin stars. I was interested in the restaurant because it was a Michelin-starred restaurant in the culinary hotbed of Barcelona owned, operated, and helmed in the kitchen by Canadians. How often do you get a chance to visit a Canadian-run Michelin-starred restaurant?¬†Granted, the Artal siblings that … Continue reading Barcelona: Cinc Sentits