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Taking Away The Stars: Ma Dang Coul

I don’t give star ratings to restaurants. If I did, I would be docking every single star that I previously assigned to Ma Dang Coul. My meal experiences at the restaurant have been on a constant downward negative trend ever … Continue reading

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Summer 2013

I’ll be taking my family on our annual 2 month Taiwanese cultural immersion program this week. Naturally, we will be staying in Taiwan for most of the trip. We also have plans ¬†for a 9 day trip to Tokyo in … Continue reading

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Chain: Joey Burrard

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Is this place called Joey Burrard or Joey on Burrard or just Joey? My daughter asked me before we arrived at the restaurant if the restaurant had pictures of kangaroos on their walls and I told her that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Pavlova: Sweet Carrie’s Dessert Shop

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I’ve never had a pavlova before I moved to Vancouver. Apparently, it is an Australian dessert named after a Russian ballerina. Interesting. My first experience with the pavlova was a chance encounter with the one offered at Sweet Carrie’s. After … Continue reading

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Stinky Hot Pot: Boiling Point

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Depending on whether or not you’re a fan of stinky tofu, the prospects eating a hot pot whose broth features its ‘stinky’ juices will either excite or horrify you. I like stinky tofu quite a lot, but I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Two Michelin Stars: Ramon Frexia Madrid

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No restaurants in Madrid have been awarded three Michelin stars, so restaurants with two Michelin stars are as good as it gets in the city. I made the two-starred Ramon Frexia the ‘food’ focus of my family’s brief visit to … Continue reading

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Not Even Close To Being Authentic: Red Chili Szechuan Cuisine

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I have heard that Red Chili is the best Chinese restaurant in the north shore. I have read that Red Chili is supposedly the only restaurant that serves authentic Szechuan cuisine in the north shore. I have been told that … Continue reading

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