Burger Chronicles Whistler: Splitz Grill

My wife and I took the kids up to Whistler for a mini 2-day skiing trip since the weather was so nice this week (and also because we got a great last-minute hotel deal). We arrived early and got in a full day of exploring the seemingly endless runs on both local mountains. At the end of the day, all four of us had exhausted every single calorie that we have taken in for breakfast, lunch, and probably all three meals for the two previous days.   We needed a high calorie meal; we needed burgers and fries. A quick … Continue reading Burger Chronicles Whistler: Splitz Grill

No Cleanliness = Minimal Food Memories: Vera’s Burger Shack On Denman

Since there is no way to sugar coat it, I’ll just come right out and say it. Every single physical object in the restaurant felt so unsanitary that it was impossible for my wife, son, and I to enjoy our meals at Vera’s branch on Denman. I couldn’t even focus on the flavours and textures of the individual items we ordered. The floor was grimy, our table was sticky, our seats were icky, and the kitchen looked like it needed a good blast from the power washer. Since we ordered and paid before we sat down, we were kinda stuck … Continue reading No Cleanliness = Minimal Food Memories: Vera’s Burger Shack On Denman

You Won’t Go Wrong By Ordering Italian

Cinch Grill – I never realized that Cinch was where it was until my meal at Gyoza King last week. I parked right in front of the place and walked across the street to Gyoza King without even noticing the place. It was not until after the meal when I was trying to chase down my son on the sidewalk so that I could coax him back into the car that I looked up and noticed the place. At that instant, I witnessed people entering and exiting the restaurant, and I saw that both the interior and exterior dining areas … Continue reading You Won’t Go Wrong By Ordering Italian


East Side Mario’s – I really thought that I had escaped unscathed from the late night subconscious seed planting campaign that East Side Mario’s unleashed upon the insomniac television audience of Toronto in the mid to late nineties. Their television advertising spots and accompanying slogan stood out so much among other low-budget commericals for “questionable” services during the same past-midnight time slots that it was almost impossible for anyone not to have the “…badda boom badda bing” repeating in their heads before they finally dose off into the unconscious. East Side Mario’s slogan was so ingrained into my mind that … Continue reading Brainwashed!

Should’ve Waited For The Table At The Other Place

Prestons – Prestons wasn’t my first choice for lunch today. I actually planned on dining at Tableau, but was surprised to find it booked solid until 1:30 P.M. Having my energy-so-spent-that-hunger-had-turned-to-anger 4-year-old son as a dining companion meant that waiting was not an option. He needed to eat, and it needed to be right away. The first and only restaurant in the neighborhood that I knew within walking distance of Tableau was Prestons, so we hurried there (passing by several other restaurants that I never knew existed). My wife and I were relieved to find the restaurant only 30% as … Continue reading Should’ve Waited For The Table At The Other Place

With such extraordinary views at such ordinary prices, the quality of the food really didn’t matter

Altitudes Bistro – Traditionally, the first day of school for public school systems across North America is scheduled for one of the two days after the labor day long weekend. For the two school years that my daughter has been enrolled in local public elementary schools, the first day of school have both been scheduled for the day immediately following labor day. I used to love the excitement of the first day of school. You get to see a lot of friends you haven’t seen for the whole summer and listen to their stories of the grandiose adventures they went … Continue reading With such extraordinary views at such ordinary prices, the quality of the food really didn’t matter

Osaka: Only At Theme Parks

I’ve been to my share of theme parks and amusement parks, and I’ve basically seen and tasted most of the food items they have to offer. They usually offer giant-sized, overly sweet, or overly oily items like churros, funnel cakes, dough fritters, buckets of caramel popcorn, deep fried oreo cookies, two-feet-long hot dogs, turkey drumsticks, frozen bananas, and cotton candy. They also sometimes offer items that match the theme of a particular featured character or featured ride, but the items are usually just renamed and repackaged versions of the theme park’s regular food items. The food items that caught my … Continue reading Osaka: Only At Theme Parks