Tokyo: Shiseido Salon De Cafe

Sad as it may be, I have to face the facts. The fact is that my two-sentence post two days ago – by far my most word-economical – has become my most “liked” post. Ever. It appears that people would much rather read my silence than my babble. So I’m going to give it to you one more time. …I’ll just say this: Every single item tasted better than it looked, and every piece looked stunningly gorgeous. …And this: Surprisingly, the best-tasting thing was the mango parfait. My daughter said that it was the most tasty mango-based food item that … Continue reading Tokyo: Shiseido Salon De Cafe

My favorite since age 10: Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. has been my favorite fast food restaurant since grade 4. Something happened during that year that forever endeared the restaurant to me…but I have forgotten what it was. All I remember is that I thought that their burgers were better tasting than burgers from McDee’s, Jack in the Crack, Dave’s daughter, Whopper King, and even that double-double-animal-style-secret-menu place. I had Carl’s Jr’s burgers at least twice a week as an afternoon snack, and I blossomed from a skin-on-bones-Tony-Hawk-body-type to a I’m-just-a-little-chubby-Kirby-Puckett build. Even though I no longer think that Carl’s Jr. serves the best-tasting fast food items, it … Continue reading My favorite since age 10: Carl’s Jr.

Madrid: L’Entrecote

  When it came time for me to have my first meal after suffering from the effects of food poisoning and not eating solid foods for two and a half days in foreign country, I chose to have steak. My wife did not think that it was such a good idea for me to go all-in with my first meal after being ill, but I had become so drunk with hunger that I wasn’t thinking straight. I assured her that I was feeling 100% and promised that I would not order my steak rare. L’entrecote was one of the several … Continue reading Madrid: L’Entrecote

Sticking With The Original

Pinkberry – When I first moved here, I wondered where all the frozen yogurt places were. Southern California being the last place in North America that I’ve spent significant time in, I was used to the Starbucks-like presence of frozen yogurt shops at various local malls, plazas, and commercial areas. The most dominant of the frozen yogurt chains in Socal was Yogurtland, with Pinkberry coming in at second place. Yogurtland was the king of frozen yogurt joints (…but Pinkberry was the originator). They had, by far, the most variety when it came to the flavours of the frozen soft-serve yogurt, … Continue reading Sticking With The Original

Kyoto: Japanese Soft Serve

Japanese soft serve ice cream is basically the same as the soft serve ice cream that I’ve had every where else in ┬áthe world. There are good versions and bad versions. The version that my family and I had in the tourist-centric street leading up to the Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto happened be the most enjoyable soft serve ice cream that we had during our most recent trip to Japan. It looked and felt pretty ordinary, and it even melted in the ordinary amount of time. It was also offered in pretty ordinary (for Japanese ice cream) flavours. We had … Continue reading Kyoto: Japanese Soft Serve

Summer-Like Weather Calls For A Summer-Like Treat

Bella Gelateria – There’s nothing like several straight days of warm, sunny weather to remind me how cool and wet the previous 6 months were. When people told me before I moved here that it would be raining for more than half the year, I thought they were exaggerating. They weren’t. Though I did get used to it after a while. Being the optimist that I am, I tried to find the silver lining in the constant rain clouds. At least it wasn’t as cold as the east coast; at least there weren’t any regular snow storms; and at least … Continue reading Summer-Like Weather Calls For A Summer-Like Treat