Minuscule portions and tiny flavours: Kyung Bok Palace

My daughter’s friend’s mother recommended that I try this restaurant around two years ago. She said that it was one of the better and and more authentic Korean restaurants on the north shore. I stored the name of the restaurant in one of my mental palaces and forgot about it…until I was traversing through it one day not too long ago trying to find a piece of information I needed to retrieve. Kyung Bok Palace in my mental palace. Hmmm. I thought. Maybe I should give the place/palace a try. And I did. With my wife as my dining partner. … Continue reading Minuscule portions and tiny flavours: Kyung Bok Palace

Pavlova: Sweet Carrie’s Dessert Shop

I’ve never had a pavlova before I moved to Vancouver. Apparently, it is an Australian dessert named after a Russian ballerina. Interesting. My first experience with the pavlova was a chance encounter with the one offered at Sweet Carrie’s. After that first experience with Sweet Carrie’s pavlova, I became a regular at the dessert shop. Whenever I needed a light yet satisfying flour-less dessert, I make my way out to the Lonsdale Quay Marketplace for Sweet Carrie’s pavlova. I like the pavlova for its crunchy and powdery outer edge. I like the pavolova for its airy, bubbly, almost-but-not-quite-foamy insides. I … Continue reading Pavlova: Sweet Carrie’s Dessert Shop

Not Even Close To Being Authentic: Red Chili Szechuan Cuisine

I have heard that Red Chili is the best Chinese restaurant in the north shore. I have read that Red Chili is supposedly the only restaurant that serves authentic Szechuan cuisine in the north shore. I have been told that Red Chili’s cuisine more than holds its own against the best ‘mala’ (numbing and spicy) dishes from authentic Szechuan and Hunan places in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond. These are bold, BOLD statements; these are statements whose veracity warrant a visit to the restaurant to confirm and verify. At minimum, I expected to taste the following at Red Chili: the numbness … Continue reading Not Even Close To Being Authentic: Red Chili Szechuan Cuisine

Bagels and Smoked Meat: Rosemary Rocksalt

New York bagels: excellent. Montreal bagels: excellent. Boston bagels: good. Toronto bagels: good. L.A. bagels: mediocre. Vancouver bagels: mediocre. Conclusion: bagels suck on the west coast. After visiting the newly opened Rosemary Rocksalt on Lonsdale in North Van this afternoon, I am going to revise my conclusion. New conclusion: most bagels taste like dirt on the west coast, but there are a few gems within this sea of dirt. Rosemary Rocksalt is one of them (a gem, not dirt). The bagels sold (and made) at Rosemary Rocksalt are the real deal. They are indistinguishable in flavour and texture to the … Continue reading Bagels and Smoked Meat: Rosemary Rocksalt

Not A Sea Lover

C-Lover’s Fish and Chips – Fish and chips: not something that I eat often. Even though I’ve hardly ever met a deep fried item that I don’t agree with, fish is the one thing that I think is better when it is not deep fried. First and foremost, I like to eat raw fish; preferably with some rice below it. If it’s not served raw, then I need it to be steamed – with scallions and soy sauce; some ginger would be nice too. Deep fried fish? I’ll only eat it if it’s absolutely necessary; if there’s no better choice. … Continue reading Not A Sea Lover

The Burger Chronicles: Definitely Better Than The Last Installment

Raglan’s Bistro- The partial shots of the interior of the restaurants from the online reviews gave me the impression that Raglan’s had an interior that was similar in size to an average branch of Earls or Cactus Club – but with a Hawaiian theme. It turns out that the restaurant was no larger than the average hole-in-the-wall ramen place – but with a Hawaiian/Rasta theme. What’s cool about the place was that it probably had more lcd screens than tables, and all of the screens had Garfield or The Chipmunks playing on them. Since my wife and I had both … Continue reading The Burger Chronicles: Definitely Better Than The Last Installment


East Side Mario’s – I really thought that I had escaped unscathed from the late night subconscious seed planting campaign that East Side Mario’s unleashed upon the insomniac television audience of Toronto in the mid to late nineties. Their television advertising spots and accompanying slogan stood out so much among other low-budget commericals for “questionable” services during the same past-midnight time slots that it was almost impossible for anyone not to have the “…badda boom badda bing” repeating in their heads before they finally dose off into the unconscious. East Side Mario’s slogan was so ingrained into my mind that … Continue reading Brainwashed!