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Taipei: Fresh Station

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It seemed entirely possible to bypass the brunt of the thing with a quick five minute drive to the restaurant. The basement was its usual damp-smelling self when I went down to pick up the car. There were a few … Continue reading

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Taipei: Addictive Aquatic Development

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I love the name of this place; so contrived. In fact, everything about Addictive Aquatic Development seems deliberate and ¬†purpose-driven. Its location, for example, is brilliantly chosen. It’s located behind a commercial fruit marketplace and a commercial vegetable market. It … Continue reading

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Tokyo: Kyubei

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I was going through my email trying to find the notes I took of the exemplary meal my wife and I had a Kyubei but I couldn’t find them…I don’t know what happened to them. I distinctly remembered typing the … Continue reading

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Awful service, Hot room, and Fresh Yummy Fish: Sushi by Yuji

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Until a week ago, I never realized why most respectable sushi restaurants did not have clear, floor-to-ceiling windows. Heat. Direct sunlight produces heat. Combine that with a sushi restaurant bare ready for lunch service with a bucket full of just-mixed … Continue reading

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20th century pricing and a sublime roll: Shiro

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If the 21st century was a person, it’d be a teenager now. I remember when I was a teenager in the 90’s…gas prices were around 50 cents a litre, an album on CD cost around $15 (or more) , and … Continue reading

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Light, light, and lite: Bistro Sakana

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My original plan was to visit the new southern BBQ place on Denman for lunch today, but my wife convinced me that it would probably be a better idea to wait for the restaurant to work out its newly-opened-restaurant kinks … Continue reading

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Sushi Town-Lite: Sushi Oyama

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If nothing else, the fact that Sushi Oyama is located in an older and larger house makes it stick out prominently among the rows upon rows of generic and unremarkable strip malls and ground floor storefronts on Kingsway in metrotown. … Continue reading

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