Tired and uninspired: Morak

I would never dare order alcohol in this restaurant. Never. It says it right on the printouts they stuck on their walls; they’ll check your I.D. if you look under fifty. I don’t think I have the courage. I don’t know how I would react if they don’t check my I.D. And then on the piece of paper glued to the wall right next to the alcohol deterrent they warn you that your car might be ransacked. I walked straight out of the place; without my coat; in sub-five-degree-weather. I walked into the parking lot to re-lock my car doors … Continue reading Tired and uninspired: Morak

I went: Green Bamboo

A Case of Apple Sidra stacked on two cases of Coke and a few more cases of Chinese beverages. Right next to the door. The door made of glass not completely closed but wedged with a piece of solid worn wet wood so that it would bring in a bit of fresh, cool, moist, and onion-tainted air. Inside, rising up somewhere off-center in the longer section of the L-shaped room was the smoke and vapour and mist that assimilated to become that all too familiar kitchen stovetop steam. Steaming up to the right and left and up and higher up … Continue reading I went: Green Bamboo

Everything But The Pho: Ha Cafe

Ha Cafe is not the most inviting of restaurants if you were to look at it from the outside. Its red chairs, red walls, and photo-menu-board combined to give it a look as dated as the old orchard shopping centre that it was located in. Passing by the place several times as I visited Pearl Castle and the liquor store around the opposite corner, I hadn’t even noticed that Ha Cafe was a Vietnamese restaurant. It looked like a decrepit diner of some sort, and I never gave it more than a passing glance. It wasn’t until about five weeks … Continue reading Everything But The Pho: Ha Cafe

Out Pizza-ing the Pizza: Anatolia’s Gate

I’ve had several close encounters with Anatolia’s Gate ever since I found out about the Turkish restaurant via local online foodie discussion boards. But for one reason or another, I’ve always stopped short of visiting the place. The reasons that have prevented me from visiting the restaurant have grown progressively more ridiculous with each subsequent non-visit that I was beginning to think that I was involved in some sort of Groundhog-Day-esque metaphysical loop that I would not be able to break out of until I got every detail just right. It turned out that I just needed some prodding from … Continue reading Out Pizza-ing the Pizza: Anatolia’s Gate

Stinky Hot Pot: Boiling Point

Depending on whether or not you’re a fan of stinky tofu, the prospects eating a hot pot whose broth features its ‘stinky’ juices will either excite or horrify you. I like stinky tofu quite a lot, but I’m not sure if I like every other component of a hot pot infected and ‘dirtied’ by the rancid tofu (it’s similar to how the moldiest and stinkiest varieties of cheese are best enjoyed on their own). As a result, I have – thus far in my life – avoided trying the pan-stinky aromas of stinky hot pot. Boiling Point, being a restaurant … Continue reading Stinky Hot Pot: Boiling Point

Neapolitan Pizza: Cotto Enoteca

There are streaky goalies in hockey, streaky shooters in basketball, streaky hitters in baseball, streaky strikers in soccer, and there’s me: a streaky eater. A few months ago I was on a chirashi eating streak; more recently I’ve been streakily visiting Neapolitan pizza restaurants. Today I convinced my wife and son to visit Cotto Enoteca with me. I wanted to try out their VPN (virtual private network?? actually it stands for verace pizza napoletana) certified pizzas. VPN certification does not automatically guarantee a good-tasting pizza, but it does guarantee that the pizza is made with approved raw materials/ingredients and within … Continue reading Neapolitan Pizza: Cotto Enoteca

Attention To Detail: Potter’s Garden

I have to tell the truth. My wife and I decided to visit Potter’s Garden today not because we particularly liked the restaurant’s food, we visited Potter’s Garden to satisfy our son’s intense desire for Korean short ribs. My family has dined at Potter’s Garden on one previous occasion, and we thought that the restaurant served decent but unspectacular Korean food. The items we ordered on our first visit did not impress us enough for us to put the restaurant on our regular dining rotation. Although I do not remember much about the food that my family had during our … Continue reading Attention To Detail: Potter’s Garden