Winner, Winner, The Soup Is Thinner

Pho Hoa – …And the award for the worst dish I’ve had all year goes to…the Beef Stew with Bread at Pho Hoa! The worst Vietnamese meal? Pho Hoa! The worst bowl of pho I’ve had locally? Pho Hoa again! It’s a clean sweep; Pho Hoa wins! Pho Hoa wins! I would have never guessed that the food at Pho Hoa would be so bad. After all, I consider it to be the McDee’s of Pho restaurants. There’s a branch of Pho Hoa in every (North American) city that I’ve lived in, and I can’t say that I’ve ever had … Continue reading Winner, Winner, The Soup Is Thinner

Trying To Come Up With A Better Picture Of The Food

Applause Japanese Restaurant- After reviewing the pictures that I took of my family’s lunch at Applause Japanese Restaurant today, I have to say that they are truly awful. There were so many items on our table that I couldn’t take a picture of one item without five other items also making it into to the picture. Our table wasn’t crowded because it was too small. Quite the contrary, the four of us were given a table that could’ve easily seated six. Our table was crowded because there was a lot of food included in each of the four lunch specials … Continue reading Trying To Come Up With A Better Picture Of The Food

I Did Not Come Here For The Food (but another burger experience was chronicled)

Village Taphouse – My visit to the Village Taphouse today was more out of necessity than by actual choice. Since the last day of school for my daughter meant early dismissal, I had to choose a lunch spot close to home. I also wanted to watch the Euro 2012 semi-final between Italy and Germany, so I needed a place that had the game playing on their wall-hung monitors. An additional criteria was that the place had to be relatively clean, safe, and comfortable. I wanted my son to feel relaxed at the place so that my wife and I could … Continue reading I Did Not Come Here For The Food (but another burger experience was chronicled)

Going Downhill Fast

Gyudonya – What to do when plan A fails, plan B goes to the crapper, and there’s no plan C? Visit somewhere reliable and familiar, of course. Of course, the most familiar eatery on this particular block of Robson for me (and probably everyone else) would be Japadog. But I wasn’t much in the mood for a Japanese hot dog…or the bahn mi served next door. I was in the mood for some grilled meat on rice, and the galbi don that is on the menu of Gyudonya totally fit the bill. Visiting Gyudonya for a quick (Japanese) galbi fix … Continue reading Going Downhill Fast

Downtown Sushi Town (Clone) in Yaletown

Yamato Sushi – I wouldn’t have known about tiny Yamato Sushi on Davie if not for its being one of the more popular downtown/Yaletown sushi places on Urbanspoon. From the reviews, I gathered that it wasn’t popular for its authenticity or the variety of fish it offered; it was popular because it served huge portions of inexpensive sushi that didn’t taste all that bad. So when I needed to get some takeout before heading home for lunch from Yaletown today, it was the first restaurant that came up on my mind (it was also within my line of sight). I … Continue reading Downtown Sushi Town (Clone) in Yaletown

Announcement: Summer Travel Plans

Starting July 3rd. and ending August 20th, My family and I will be traveling to Taiwan (as well as Osaka, Japan for a week). During this period of time, I will continue to post reviews of Vancouver-area restaurants which I have visited. But I will also be posting about the restaurants and food that I will be having in both Taipei and Osaka. I hope to use this tip to Taiwan as a jumping board to creating a site with better and more varied content. The plan is to eventually evolve this site towards a more comprehensive one that will … Continue reading Announcement: Summer Travel Plans

Pizza From Down Under (and from the Underworld)

Hell Pizza – Ok, this is probably going to be one of my shorter posts. After eating the pizza from Hell Pizza in North Van, I have barely a thought or opinion about it. My mind is empty…completely blank… I guess I can tell you why I decided to pay Hell Pizza a visit today. Contrary so what some may think, I did not choose to visit Hell Pizza because of its name. The words “hell pizza” did not evoke any particularly strong imagery in my mind. I think the work “hell” is overused when it comes to food. Whenever … Continue reading Pizza From Down Under (and from the Underworld)