Taipei: Advanced (Sien Jing) Seafood

They must have had an advanced cloaking device or something, because I’ve been hearing about this place from my father for two years and for two years he hasn’t been able to find the place. And it wasn’t for lack of trying either. I’ve witnessed with my own eyes my parents leaving their apartment so that they could try and find the place. More than once. Then, all of a sudden, they found it. Then it was an ordeal to get into the place. If the place wasn’t full when my parents tried to walk in, the reservations were full … Continue reading Taipei: Advanced (Sien Jing) Seafood

Taipei: Addictive Aquatic Development

I love the name of this place; so contrived. In fact, everything about Addictive Aquatic Development seems deliberate and  purpose-driven. Its location, for example, is brilliantly chosen. It’s located behind a commercial fruit marketplace and a commercial vegetable market. It is surrounded by butchers and fishmongers and loads of other traditional open-air meat and produce vendors. It is boxed between a highway and the the runway of the second-busiest airport in the city. It is physically located in a building that housed a wholesale seafood marketplace. Addictive Aquatic Development itself serves as a stylized seafood market with tanks and pools … Continue reading Taipei: Addictive Aquatic Development

Tokyo: Kyubei

I was going through my email trying to find the notes I took of the exemplary meal my wife and I had a Kyubei but I couldn’t find them…I don’t know what happened to them. I distinctly remembered typing the names of each individual piece of fish we were served along with their tasting notes on my phone, and I distinctly remembered emailing the rather lengthy note to myself. But nothing. I can’t believe it! The one time that I was able to take notes in a well-regarded sushi restaurant in Tokyo because I was being served by the rare … Continue reading Tokyo: Kyubei

Light, light, and lite: Bistro Sakana

My original plan was to visit the new southern BBQ place on Denman for lunch today, but my wife convinced me that it would probably be a better idea to wait for the restaurant to work out its newly-opened-restaurant kinks before trying it out. Instead of finding another restaurant in the west end to dine at, we headed all the way across the downtown core (in less than 10 minutes) to Yaletown so that we could audition the food at Bistro Sakana. Since my wife, son, and I visited during lunch time, we ordered off of the restaurant’s lunch specials … Continue reading Light, light, and lite: Bistro Sakana

Chirashi Attack + ! Gyo-O

My wife and I are so committed to our chirashi-prioritized diet that we chose to have raw fish over rice for our dinner even when we were in Richmond – the land of amazingly tasty Chinese food. There seemed to be no better place to have our almost-thrice-weekly (yes, “thrice” is an actual word with an actual definition in at least one dictionary[site]) fix of chirashi than Gyo-O – a restaurant that supposedly specialized in various preparations of raw fish on rice. My wife went with the regular seafood don, which was the rather plain English name the restaurant assigned … Continue reading Chirashi Attack + ! Gyo-O

Chirashi Attack! Kingyo Izakaya

I didn’t visit Kingyo for its chirashi. I didn’t even know it had a chirashi. I’ve been to Kingyo countless times and I have practically memorized its menu. I know for a fact that I’ve never seen the word “chirashi” on its lunch menu. My family visited Kingyo at the behest of my daughter; I went into the restaurant with the intent of ordering their daily makunochi lunch box. Before I could place my makunochi order, however, our server quickly introduced the restaurant’s monthly lunch special to my wife, kids, and I. Chirashi was their monthly special. CHIRASHI ATTACK!!! I, … Continue reading Chirashi Attack! Kingyo Izakaya

Chirashi Attack! Zero One Sushi

Zero One Sushi used to be my go-to place for raw fish bowls. But I totally buried the restaurant in the depths of my long-term-not-to-be-recalled-easily memory ever since that first bowl of chirashi from Sushi Mart. Although the freshness of ingredients and the substantial portion size of the chirashi from Sushi Mart definitely played a part in allowing it to become my new go-to chirashi place, its proximity to my home was probably the deciding factor. I probably would never have purchased another raw fish bowl from Zero One Sushi if my wife and I had not gone on our recent … Continue reading Chirashi Attack! Zero One Sushi