Barcelona: Tickets

  He’s a real nowhere man Sitting in his nowhere land Making all his nowhere plans for nobody Doesn’t have a point of view Knows not where he’s going to Isn’t he a bit like you and me? Nowhere Man, please listen You don’t know what you’re missing Nowhere Man, the world is at your command He’s as blind as he can be Just sees what he wants to see Nowhere Man can you see me at all? Lennon-McCartney   He’s sitting in the taxi. Not alone. No, he drags with him his wife and his children. His heart pounds … Continue reading Barcelona: Tickets

Barcelona: A Generic Restaurant

The two and a half days in Spain that I was unable to eat because of food poisoning/stomach bug was a new and extremely interesting experience for me. Like everyone else, when I have a stomach flu or am otherwise unable to ingest solid food for a while, I will also be too weak to get out of bed – much less venture out of the house for a meal. But since we were on a trip to ¬†a foreign country, it was necessary for me to suck it up a bit and visit the sites that needed to be … Continue reading Barcelona: A Generic Restaurant

Barcelona: El Corte Ingles Cafeteria

El Corte Ingles is probably as close to a department store monopoly as I’ve seen anywhere. Try as I might, I was not able to spot a department store not branded “El Corte Ingles” during my trip to Spain. It seemed like it was everywhere, covered every market segment, and catered to every demographic. Because it was so all-encompassing and so omnipresent, it became a convenient shopping destination for my family when we were in Barcelona. When we needed a particular book, we went to El Corte Ingles. When we wanted to buy some children’s clothing, we went to El … Continue reading Barcelona: El Corte Ingles Cafeteria

Barcelona: Cinc Sentits

While doing research on restaurants to visit in Barcelona, Cinc Sentits was the one restaurant (other than Tickets, of course) that really piqued my interest. I was interested in the restaurant not because it currently owns a Michelin star – I’ve been to my share of restaurants awarded with one, two, and even three Michelin stars. I was interested in the restaurant because it was a Michelin-starred restaurant in the culinary hotbed of Barcelona owned, operated, and helmed in the kitchen by Canadians. How often do you get a chance to visit a Canadian-run Michelin-starred restaurant?¬†Granted, the Artal siblings that … Continue reading Barcelona: Cinc Sentits

Barcelona: Maritim Restaurant

This post will be the most difficult that I will have ever written. I don’t even know if I will be able to finish describing the dishes I had after I insert the photographs of the them into the post. Hopefully I will be able to suppress all of the negative images and feelings that my mind has associated with the food I had at Martim Restaurant. It’s not that the food was bad-tasting; The food that my wife, kids, and I had there was actually quite delicious. It’s just that I fell ill with an acute case of food … Continue reading Barcelona: Maritim Restaurant

Barcelona: Generic Paella

I think it was around our third or fourth day in Spain that my wife reminded me that it would be odd for us to visit Spain without trying paella. We were at the city’s most iconic tourist attraction at the time, and we decided we would just walk in to one of the numerous tourist-trap restaurants around the attraction for our first “authentic” paella experience. It was probably not the smartest thing to do, but we reasoned that the dish was probably the one dish that was least likely to be screwed up by the tourist-trap places because it … Continue reading Barcelona: Generic Paella

Barcelona: El Quim De La Boqueria

    El Quim De La Boqueria- as its name suggests -is located in Barcelona’s landmark public market, the Boqueria. The market’s history dates back several centuries, and it has become much more of a tourist destination than a market where locals shop for ingredients that comprise their daily meals. El Quim de la Boqueria is perhaps the most well-known of the few sit-down stalls in the market where visitors could actually sit down for a meal. The restaurant/bar is mentioned in every travel guide, recommended on every travel website, discussed on every foodie discussion board, and even visited by … Continue reading Barcelona: El Quim De La Boqueria