Food Truck: Eat Chicken Wraps

You see something enough times and your mind starts getting its own ideas. You don’t want your mind to take over. You want your brain to stay firmly planted in the present, in reality; you hate it when it wanders off into a mind of its own and becomes that mind. You want it to plainly process the information your eyes pass on and for it to focus on the task at hand. You want to drive safely. You brain tells itself to stay disciplined and not be distracted. And yet your head turns. Your mind wanders. It points your … Continue reading Food Truck: Eat Chicken Wraps

Chain: Joey Burrard

Is this place called Joey Burrard or Joey on Burrard or just Joey? My daughter asked me before we arrived at the restaurant if the restaurant had pictures of kangaroos on their walls and I told her that I didn’t know. What I knew was that Joey was probably the only local chain restaurant that I have not visited since moving to the local area. I know I’ve mentioned it several times before, but it never hurts to mention it one more time: local chain restaurants rock. Every time I visit a Cactus Club or an Earls, I am reminded … Continue reading Chain: Joey Burrard

The Burger Chronicles: Definitely Better Than The Last Installment

Raglan’s Bistro- The partial shots of the interior of the restaurants from the online reviews gave me the impression that Raglan’s had an interior that was similar in size to an average branch of Earls or Cactus Club – but with a Hawaiian theme. It turns out that the restaurant was no larger than the average hole-in-the-wall ramen place – but with a Hawaiian/Rasta theme. What’s cool about the place was that it probably had more lcd screens than tables, and all of the screens had Garfield or The Chipmunks playing on them. Since my wife and I had both … Continue reading The Burger Chronicles: Definitely Better Than The Last Installment

Should’ve Waited For The Table At The Other Place

Prestons – Prestons wasn’t my first choice for lunch today. I actually planned on dining at Tableau, but was surprised to find it booked solid until 1:30 P.M. Having my energy-so-spent-that-hunger-had-turned-to-anger 4-year-old son as a dining companion meant that waiting was not an option. He needed to eat, and it needed to be right away. The first and only restaurant in the neighborhood that I knew within walking distance of Tableau was Prestons, so we hurried there (passing by several other restaurants that I never knew existed). My wife and I were relieved to find the restaurant only 30% as … Continue reading Should’ve Waited For The Table At The Other Place

With such extraordinary views at such ordinary prices, the quality of the food really didn’t matter

Altitudes Bistro – Traditionally, the first day of school for public school systems across North America is scheduled for one of the two days after the labor day long weekend. For the two school years that my daughter has been enrolled in local public elementary schools, the first day of school have both been scheduled for the day immediately following labor day. I used to love the excitement of the first day of school. You get to see a lot of friends you haven’t seen for the whole summer and listen to their stories of the grandiose adventures they went … Continue reading With such extraordinary views at such ordinary prices, the quality of the food really didn’t matter

North American Food with North American Portions

After spending around eight weeks constantly going hungry between meals as a result of the tiny local portion sizes in Taiwan (and Japan), I was really looking forward to the larger, more satisfying portion sizes of North America. ┬áStrangely, after such a short time away, I was also really missing North American food. Since Earls is the go-to restaurant serving North American style food for my wife, kids, and I, we decided to make it the first non-breakfast restaurant (the time difference basically made breakfast places and 24-hour joints our only options for meals in the middle of the night) … Continue reading North American Food with North American Portions

A Flavour Disappointment

L’abattoir – I have been looking forward to my dinner tonight at L’abattoir. The restaurant looked and sounded promising on paper (LCD). It was an informal restaurant set in the city’s first jail and had a short and focused menu consisting of classical ingredients and classical sauces with a modern, haute twist. I’ve been to these types of restaurant countless times before in many a North American city. More often than not, the food served at these restaurants is imaginative, passionate, and tended to appeal more to the emotions of the diner than equally popular restaurants serving modernist cuisine. Modernist … Continue reading A Flavour Disappointment