Visiting the new kid on the block after the Sun Run

Le Parisien – When I found out that Le Parisien couldn’t accommodate my family for dinner on Saturday night, I asked the lady on the other end of the phone if there was a table for four available for lunch the next day. I was told that there was plenty of availability, so I asked her to put my name down for a table at 12:30 PM. Driving within the speed limit, it would normally take me around 10 minutes to drive from my garage to a parking space around Le Parisien in moderate traffic. The traffic across the lion’s … Continue reading Visiting the new kid on the block after the Sun Run

Now That’s More Like It!

Day 7 – La Regalade… The subpar meal we had at Hy’s Encore really left my wife and I wanting. After such a disappointing meal, we would normally have our next meal out at one of our standby restaurants. It’s human nature to yearn for the comforting and familiar after a bad experience. But much to the chagrin of my wife, I decided to venture again to the unfamiliar. I decided to once again visit a restaurant that we’ve never been to: Le Regalade. This gamble of mine has potentially far reaching consequences. If we have another bad meal, it … Continue reading Now That’s More Like It!