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The New York Slice: Ludica Pizzeria

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I had imagined that we were going to have a grand ole’ time trying out the board games at the restaurant and I was right. I almost felt like I wanted the pizzas to come later to our table than┬áthe … Continue reading

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Subjectively subjective: Uncle Fatih’s (pepperoni) Pizza

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My son thinks he looks like an artist. My wife thinks he looks more like a mafioso. I think Faith is a girl’s name. My daughter thinks the slices of pepperoni taste like ham. My son disagrees with my daughter. … Continue reading

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I don’t mean to scare you, but: Domino’s!

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Twas the night before Halloween and all through the town, Nothing seemed unusual, as if nothing was going to go down But something sinister was afoot, When dinnertime came to me beckoning, My immediate reaction was not too cook Even … Continue reading

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Something a food slob like me enjoys: Italian Kitchen

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The size. The dimensions. The proportions. The perception. I’m not good at estimating distances or heft or volume or bigness or smallness or square footage or anything like that. Driving by Park Royal everyday and watching the workers build, decorate, … Continue reading

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The Pizza Strikes Back: Via Tevere Pizzeria

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I didn’t really visit Via Tevere Pizzeria after being thoroughly seduced by the meat pide at Anatolia’s Gate. I wish that I did. Being pulled back onto the righteous path by a proper Neapolitan pie would’ve made for a better, … Continue reading

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Neapolitan Pizza: Cotto Enoteca

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There are streaky goalies in hockey, streaky shooters in basketball, streaky hitters in baseball, streaky strikers in soccer, and there’s me: a streaky eater. A few months ago I was on a chirashi eating streak; more recently I’ve been streakily … Continue reading

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Neapolitan Pizza: Famoso

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I’m not unfamiliar with Neapolitan pizza chains. I used to live next to one for more than five years. To me, Neapolitan pizza became sort of like Domino’s or Papa John’s. If I was too tired, too lazy to cook … Continue reading

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