Two Michelin Stars: Ramon Frexia Madrid

No restaurants in Madrid have been awarded three Michelin stars, so restaurants with two Michelin stars are as good as it gets in the city. I made the two-starred Ramon Frexia the ‘food’ focus of my family’s brief visit to Madrid because it seemed to be the perfect fit for our rather not-fine-dining-friendly situation. It was located in a hotel; this meant that – if we stayed at the hotel (and we did) – the kids would be dining in a familiar environment and that we could immediately return to our room if we needed to. The restaurant did not … Continue reading Two Michelin Stars: Ramon Frexia Madrid

Madrid: L’Entrecote

  When it came time for me to have my first meal after suffering from the effects of food poisoning and not eating solid foods for two and a half days in foreign country, I chose to have steak. My wife did not think that it was such a good idea for me to go all-in with my first meal after being ill, but I had become so drunk with hunger that I wasn’t thinking straight. I assured her that I was feeling 100% and promised that I would not order my steak rare. L’entrecote was one of the several … Continue reading Madrid: L’Entrecote