Hong Kong: Macau Restaurant

  The nice thing about tea restaurants – or cha chaan ten – in Hong Kong is that they are basically open all day. They can serve you your breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and something to satisfy your midnight munchies. Even though this location of Macau Restaurant is in a touristy area, it nevertheless serves a more-or-less authentic, everyman (and everywoman) Hong-Kong-style breakfast.  I could’ve gone to a whole host of other cha chaan tengs, but I chose this one because it at least differentiated itself by serving well-known Macanese food items along with typical HK-tea-restaurant fare. I’ve been … Continue reading Hong Kong: Macau Restaurant


Drowning. Fear and helplessness quickly takes over as you realize that oxygen is no longer easily accessible. You realize that oxygen is a distant luxury that you may never get to enjoy again. The marine life that occasionally and randomly happen upon your future-corpse, of course, do not have the slightest idea what drowning feels like. They know no life other than that of the submerged. The poor, helpless souls of the thousands of protesters currently on the streets in Hong Kong must have some idea that their struggle to stay afloat amidst the influx of their mainland compatriots and … Continue reading Identity

Isn’t this a HK Cafe?: Yuu Japanese Tapas

It is rare that I eat alone, but I had to when I visited Yuu Japanese Tapas last week. I had a meeting in Richmond that extended from early afternoon into dinner time. It was too late to drive home for dinner. I had to find a spot to dine by my lonesome. My original plan was to pick up a bahn mi from the Chinese-operated Vietnamese place next door, but I randomly changed my mind at the last minute and decided to give Yuu a try. Yuu looked like a HK cafe. It smelled liked a HK cafe. The … Continue reading Isn’t this a HK Cafe?: Yuu Japanese Tapas

Don’t Go For The Signatures: Deer Garden Signatures

My last three visits to Richmond have all occurred on Saturday nights, and I ended up having dinner at restaurants in Continental Plaza on two of those three occasions. I noticed on both my visits to Continental Plaza that there was always a huge lineup at Deer Garden Signatures. The sign outside said that the restaurant specializes in rice noodles in fish soup, which I can honestly say is not something that I am even remotely familiar with. To me, the name of the dish made it sound like it came from a coastal province in China whose cuisine is … Continue reading Don’t Go For The Signatures: Deer Garden Signatures

Aberdeen Centre Food Court: Chicken Wings at Wo Fung

I can’t resist fried chicken wings, especially when I see order after order being served to customers that looked like they couldn’t wait to dig their teeth into them . I stood practically frozen for a good ten minutes watching nothing but pipping hot deep fried chicken wings coming out of the kitchen of Wo Fung. I had just finished having a filling meal with two large cups of iced milk tea and some bubble waffle, but the wings just looked too enticing for me to pass up. Since neither my wife, daughter, nor son had any appetite left for … Continue reading Aberdeen Centre Food Court: Chicken Wings at Wo Fung

It Served Me Tasty Food…Like A Boss

The Boss Restaurant- My wife and I were not in the mood to drive around looking for places to eat after taking the kids to the movies at metrotown, so we decided to have dinner right at the mall. For a mall as big as metrotown (…I know, it’s called Metropolis at Metrotown),  there are surprisingly few restaurants. The only choices are the two AYCE Japanese places, the ramen extension of one of the AYCE Japanese place, Fortune House, McDees, the food court, stone grill, and The Boss. We didn’t feel like stuffing ourselves silly with supbar Japanese food, so … Continue reading It Served Me Tasty Food…Like A Boss