Singapore: Singapore Food Trail

Tourist infrastructure done right. Singapore. Nothing half-assed about anything. The Singapore flyer. Yes, it looks like the London Eye. It feels like the London Eye. It rides like the London Eye. But you see more of the city with the Flyer than with the Eye. You see what seems to be a complete cityscape. At the top of the wheel, when your car reaches the top, you feel large. You feel like you rule over all the skyscrapers of the peninsula. The modern marvel that is the Marina Bay Sands seems like three low-rises connected by a skimpy skybridge. I … Continue reading Singapore: Singapore Food Trail

Food Trucks: Mr. Shawarma

Mr. Shawarma – I drive through Robson on an almost daily basis, and shutting off the section between Hornby and Howe down to vehicular traffic has been more than a bit annoying to me. It may seem minor, but the minutes of extra driving due to the detour adds up quickly. And what did they shut it down for? As far as I can tell, they shut it down for Mr. Shawarma. Other than pedestrians, the Mr. Shawarma food cart/truck/trailer seems to be the only thing standing between my car and a right turn on Robson to Howe. The shawarma … Continue reading Food Trucks: Mr. Shawarma

Food Trucks: Tacofino (the right kind of fusion)

Tacofino – With such a thriving local food truck (cart) scene, I kinda feel bad for not trying more of them out. I think I’ve only ever tried food from one local food truck (not taking into account the ubiquitous Japadog) -Ursu – and I don’t even think it is in operation anymore. In an effort to delve deeper into the local food scene, I’m going to at least try out one of them a week. I started with Tacofino, whose truck on Howe just so happened to be in its last two days of operations when I visited it last … Continue reading Food Trucks: Tacofino (the right kind of fusion)

Suffering The Consequences of Selling Out

Japadog – I had/have a lot going on today so I couldn’t afford to spend a lot of time on a sit-down lunch. Since I had to drive through downtown around lunch time, I thought I would just grab a few hot dogs from Japadog for my lunch. The only Japadog location that I have been to prior to today was their Robson storefront. In total, I have visited the restaurant around  6 times. But 4 out of the 6 times I was just there so that my wife could purchase one of their spicy hot dogs. For me, the … Continue reading Suffering The Consequences of Selling Out