Drowning. Fear and helplessness quickly takes over as you realize that oxygen is no longer easily accessible. You realize that oxygen is a distant luxury that you may never get to enjoy again. The marine life that occasionally and randomly happen upon your future-corpse, of course, do not have the slightest idea what drowning feels like. They know no life other than that of the submerged. The poor, helpless souls of the thousands of protesters currently on the streets in Hong Kong must have some idea that their struggle to stay afloat amidst the influx of their mainland compatriots and … Continue reading Identity

Dim Sum And Then Some: Chef Tony

I won’t lie. I walked into the restaurant with both an off-the-charts expectation of great dim sum and an all-encompassing fear of a huge disappointment. Why this bipolarity? Chef Tony. Chef Tony of Sea Harbour. To be more exact: Sea Harbour. Sea Harbour’s outpost in Rosemead, CA. gave me my “DANG-I-didn’t-know-dim sum-could-make-me-happy” ¬†moment in 2003. Sea Harbour of No. 3 Rd. also disappointed me almost to the point of depression in 2011 with its inhuman service and less-than-lukewarm food. I really had no idea which manifestation of chef Tony I was going to be presented with at Chef Tony. Was … Continue reading Dim Sum And Then Some: Chef Tony

MSG Plaza Part 2: New Spicy Chili Restaurant

I normally don’t associate restaurants that serve authentic Szechuan cuisine with MSG. The dishes in Szechuan cuisine usually have such an overabundance of hot, spicy, and numbing flavours (mala flavours) that there is really not a need for the flavour-enhancing qualities of MSG. Actually, let me rephrase my previous statement. Although MSG is undoubtedly used in the dishes of Szechuan cuisine, its flavour usually does not become a focal point because it is much more subtle than the omnipresent ‘mala’ flavours. I wouldn’t have noticed that the dishes we ordered at New Spicy Chili were chock full of MSG if … Continue reading MSG Plaza Part 2: New Spicy Chili Restaurant

MSG Plaza Part 1: Jubilant Restaurant

For some inexplicable reason, out of the countless restaurants in Richmond we intended to try out but have yet to visit, my wife and I decided to visit two restaurants that were not previously on our culinary radar located in the same plaza on the same day. Our meals at the two restaurants were comprised of dishes that repeatedly set off MSG-induced alarm bells in my wife’s digestive and nervous systems. The worse MSG offender of the two was the restaurant we visited for lunch: Jubilant Restaurant. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I am not opposed to the use … Continue reading MSG Plaza Part 1: Jubilant Restaurant

Isn’t this a HK Cafe?: Yuu Japanese Tapas

It is rare that I eat alone, but I had to when I visited Yuu Japanese Tapas last week. I had a meeting in Richmond that extended from early afternoon into dinner time. It was too late to drive home for dinner. I had to find a spot to dine by my lonesome. My original plan was to pick up a bahn mi from the Chinese-operated Vietnamese place next door, but I randomly changed my mind at the last minute and decided to give Yuu a try. Yuu looked like a HK cafe. It smelled liked a HK cafe. The … Continue reading Isn’t this a HK Cafe?: Yuu Japanese Tapas

High-End Spicy: Golden Szechuan

Don’t you just hate it when you sit right next to the table of someone who drives a Ferrari? You get zero service. ZERO!!! I have nothing against Ferraris’ or their drivers; I enjoy admiring them as much as everyone else who walks by one parked in a parking lot. And I have nothing against their drivers. If they are successful enough (or, as is often the case with local Ferrari drivers, if their parents are successful enough for them) to afford to drive something that costs as much as a studio apartment (probably not locally, but in many major … Continue reading High-End Spicy: Golden Szechuan

HK-Style Pastries: New Town Bakery

New Town Bakery has been on my radar ever since my king crab meal at Excelsior¬†a few weeks ago. During our meal there, my wife and I kept seeing this lady walking in and out of the restaurant with a bag from New Town Bakery. The words printed on the plastic bag indicated that one of New Town Bakery’s specialties was ‘lo po bang’ (wife cake). Since lo po bang is similar to our of our favorite Taiwanese pastries – the sun cake – we decided that we had to check out the bakery’s offerings immediately after our meal. We … Continue reading HK-Style Pastries: New Town Bakery