Smothered By MSG: Shanghai Xiao Long Bao Restaurant

Yes, it does seem like they put THAT MUCH msg into every one of their dishes. How much is THAT MUCH? TOO MUCH.EXCESSIVE . Exhibit A: The hot and sour soup. My wife and I were not expecting much. We have been searching for the perfect bowl of hot and sour soup for the better part of 15 years now and we have never even come close to finding that perfect amalgamation of  pure sourness, straight spiciness, just-right thickness, and satisfying toothsomeness of ingredients. Having a fair amount of experience with the genre, I knew to ask for our order … Continue reading Smothered By MSG: Shanghai Xiao Long Bao Restaurant

High-End Spicy: Golden Szechuan

Don’t you just hate it when you sit right next to the table of someone who drives a Ferrari? You get zero service. ZERO!!! I have nothing against Ferraris’ or their drivers; I enjoy admiring them as much as everyone else who walks by one parked in a parking lot. And I have nothing against their drivers. If they are successful enough (or, as is often the case with local Ferrari drivers, if their parents are successful enough for them) to afford to drive something that costs as much as a studio apartment (probably not locally, but in many major … Continue reading High-End Spicy: Golden Szechuan

Crystal Mall Food Court: Xu’s Wonton House

I have only dined twice at the Crystal Mall food court, and both experiences were completely underwhelming. The food was so bad that I almost completely blocked out my memories of the two meals in my mind. I blocked out the name of the stalls I visited as well as the names of the dishes I ordered. All I can remember was that the food was cold and that the flavours were unidentifiably suspect. I gave up on the food court after my second visit. I have never had food from the food court since then and I planned never to … Continue reading Crystal Mall Food Court: Xu’s Wonton House

Finally, Real Chinese Food in West Van: Shanghai Village

There is a lack of quality Chinese food in West Van, so I was quite excited when I found out about Shanghai Village as I drove by its front doors on my way home one day. I was even more excited when I found out that it was an established and fairly well-regarded authentic Shanghainese restaurant transplanted from Vancouver proper. As excited as I was about finally having possibly good Chinese food within a ten minutes drive from my house, I didn’t visit Shanghai Village immediately. There were simply too many Chinese restaurants in the local metropolitan area on my … Continue reading Finally, Real Chinese Food in West Van: Shanghai Village

Context and Perspective: Dinesty on Robson

It’s funny how a different perspective and proper context quickly alters one’s prior opinions. I was quite enamored with the food I was served at Dinesty’s Richmond location the first few times that I dined there. I thought that it was one of the best Taiwanese restaurants that I’ve ever visited in North America. But after taking a few visitors from Taiwan to this restaurant, my high regard for Dinesty was put into context. Every single visitor that I took to the restaurant thought that the food there was unremarkable. Although none of them disagreed with my assessment that the … Continue reading Context and Perspective: Dinesty on Robson

Don’t Believe The Hype: The Sequel (If you get the reference, you’re old)

Peaceful Restaurant – Although twelve degrees celsius in May is considered “pretty warm” in Vancouver – which is in the top two of warmest major cities in Canada – it is considered extremely cold in many other major cities of the world. Having lived in mild, warm weather for the past three years, the cool springtime local weather is something that my wife and I is still trying to get used to. So to insulate ourselves from yesterday’s twelve degree daytime high, we opted for the warmth of Chinese noodle soup from Peaceful Restaurant for our lunch. Peaceful is often … Continue reading Don’t Believe The Hype: The Sequel (If you get the reference, you’re old)

Faster than you can say…”duck”

Day 3 – Shanghai River… I have fond memories of fast food joints. I remember back in fourth grade, living in Southern California, I would ask my mom to take me to a different fast food joint everyday after school. If I went to Carl’s Jr. on Monday, then I would need to go to In’N’Out on Tuesday, and absolutely have to go to Arby’s on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, I would want a sandwich from Jack In The Box with fries from McDonald’s and probably a frostie from Wendy’s or soft serve from El Pollo Loco. It was fast, … Continue reading Faster than you can say…”duck”