Good Food, Bad Stomach

Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant- More often than not, you can tell that  a restaurant is popular from a (figurative) mile away. Whether it be a huge lineup out its front door, a backup of cars prowling its block for street parking, or even the incredible amount of noise emanating from the restaruant, there are usually signs that indicate a restaurant’s popularity. But Joyeaux Cafe is one of those restaurants that I have probably passed by a hundred times without realizing how incredibly popular it is.  In fact, I wouldn’t have even known what kind of food the restaurant served if … Continue reading Good Food, Bad Stomach

The Burger Chronicles: The 80’s Themed Sub-$8 Meal Deal

Sunset Burgers – I must say that I’m a sucker for meal deals. If a restaurant offers a regular menu item at a discounted price during a specific period of time, you can bet that I will try to visit the restaurant at that specified period of time to take advantage of the deal. It doesn’t matter if the discount is 90%, 50%, 10%, 5%, or even 1%, the perception of value is often so enticing to me that I cannot resist ordering the meal deal.  Some may see this weakness of mine as my being gullible to marketing (manipulation) … Continue reading The Burger Chronicles: The 80’s Themed Sub-$8 Meal Deal

This Here’s Crack, and I Need My Fix

Alvin Garden – Spicy Sichuan/Hunan food is kinda like crack. It looks unappealing and unattractive if you haven’t had it in a while, but once you have a taste, there’s something about it that entices you back for more. I speculated that this might be because of some unknown (to me, at least) element in flower peppers that make food containing them so addictive. My mother-in-law went a step further by joking that all sichuan/hunan restaurants added morphine to their dishes to keep customers coming back. After our meal at S.W. Pepper House a few days ago, each of my … Continue reading This Here’s Crack, and I Need My Fix

Mixed Bag Birthday Dinner

Glowbal Grill Steaks & Satays – When I asked my daughter where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner, she answered,   “Something like Black and Blue”.  The restaurant that immediately popped up in my head was Glowbal. I had never been to Glowbal but knew it was basically the restaurant that spawned Black + Blue. I have also read its menu online and liked the fact that it had a more varied menu than Black + Blue as well as having lower overall prices. The restaurant’s website also indicated that it had an oven capable of reaching temperatures … Continue reading Mixed Bag Birthday Dinner

Ducks In A Row: Red Star Revisited

Red Star (Vancouver) – Which restaurants would you choose if you only had two meals to showcase the local Chinese food scene to out-of-town visitors? This was the dilemma I faced  for my sister-in-law and niece’s  visit. There were also several conditions to the meals: one of the meals would have to be Taiwanese food while the other Cantonese; waiting any amount of time would be out of the question (we also had to fit in some of my daughter’s previous-scheduled engagements/activities); and there must be Beijing/Peking roast served at one of the meals. The choice for the Taiwanese restaurant … Continue reading Ducks In A Row: Red Star Revisited

Homemade Porchetta Redux

After my not-so-successful attempt at making homemade porchetta sandwiches a few days ago,  I felt that I had to have a second go at it to see if I could improve upon the results of my first attempt with the lessons I learned from it. My plan was to switch up both the bread and the roast pork to versions that I speculated would make better components for a tasty porchetta sandwich. The roast pork that I used last time, though very tasty, was too lean and too dry. I decided that I would get a more tender cut this … Continue reading Homemade Porchetta Redux

Food, Family, and Fun

Blue Fox Cafe (Victoria) – I have to apologize beforehand for my less thorough post today. The family and I  took our first ever trip to Victoria today and the trip took up 14 hours of our day. After we got home, it took me another hour to get the kids settled down for bedtime. That left me little time to compose this post about my lunch today at Blue Fox Cafe in Victoria. My wife, kids, and I have never been to Victoria before, so when it came time to find a restaurant for lunch, we had to rely … Continue reading Food, Family, and Fun