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Tired and uninspired: Morak

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I would never dare order alcohol in this restaurant. Never. It says it right on the printouts they stuck on their walls; they’ll check your I.D. if you look under fifty. I don’t think I have the courage. I don’t … Continue reading

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Bad Kim Bop Is Better Than No Kim Bop: Ma Sarang at the H-Mart Robson food court

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Jap Chae, Kim bop, and Korean spicy sweet fried chicken; three items surprisingly hard to find together in the same restaurant locally. It is rather easy to find Korean places that serve jap chae. A fairly substantial subset of these … Continue reading

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Tough: Dae Ji

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“How’s your pork cutlet?” “huh?” “Your pork cutlet? How is it?” “Can you stop with the food questions? All you talk about is food.” “Well YOU ARE eating the pork cutlet right now. I just want you to tell me … Continue reading

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Minuscule portions and tiny flavours: Kyung Bok Palace

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My daughter’s friend’s mother recommended that I try this restaurant around two years ago. She said that it was one of the better and and more authentic Korean restaurants on the north shore. I stored the name of the restaurant … Continue reading

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Taking Away The Stars: Ma Dang Coul

I don’t give star ratings to restaurants. If I did, I would be docking every single star that I previously assigned to Ma Dang Coul. My meal experiences at the restaurant have been on a constant downward negative trend ever … Continue reading

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When In Coquitlam…Go Korean: Jeong Ga Nae

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On a boring Saturday afternoon, my wife, kids, and I decided to visit the newly opened Target store in Coquitlam to see if it would be any different from their U.S. stores. It was not. It looked almost exactly like … Continue reading

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Attention To Detail: Potter’s Garden

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I have to tell the truth. My wife and I decided to visit Potter’s Garden today not because we particularly liked the restaurant’s food, we visited Potter’s Garden to satisfy our son’s intense desire for Korean short ribs. My family … Continue reading

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